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  1. I didn't tape anything off, the dye was left on for around 30 minutes, I buffed off the board, removed the dye from the neck with warm soapy water, then lemon oiled after a couple of days to condition it
  2. Thank you, I'm so pleased with it now, the black neck makes the fret markers stand out so vividly. All guitar makers dye there necks to get a more uniform colour, and leather dye is the trade Secret, doesn't come off on your fingers, I'm blown away by the result
  3. The custom paint job cost me 500 pounds on the oasis sheraton I have, 100 pounds for the gold plating, 200 for the custom pick ups and 550 for the actual 62 reissue sheraton 1 , your welcome to buy it as it's still on ebay, this ebonised board is on the new UJ sheraton, it's stunning now
  4. By changing it I have used black leather dye and ebonised my fretboard, it's just stunning, I can't upload pictures as it says they are too big, I'll keep trying
  5. I love my sheraton union jack apart from a terrible fretboard full of white streaks. As it's a brand new guitar I figured it's sap in the low grade rosewood, so I changed it. Now I'm well happy
  6. A nod to Noel for all except the correct wraparound paint job and correct vintage Raf red white and sky / man City blue colours, the new Union Jack is still a beautiful guitar thou, I got one just before Christmas
  7. Hey thanks for the replies, Hey Matt neighbours eh, pleased to meet you all
  8. Happy new year all, I have 2 sheraton 62 reissues, the 62 reissue from a couple years ago, I had it sprayed up Oasis Custom wich I'm selling, it has a large tree of life, the new 62 Union jack sheraton has a shorter tree of life. van anyone please explain why 2 Different sizes on a supposedly same spec 62 Headstock, thanks
  9. That's ok bud, I reported them to the mods, I think they've taken them off now
  10. I don't know why that post appears twice more, apologies to everyone, I don't know how to delete them, I'm posting on my phone, it freezes sometimes, must have triple hit the post key
  11. I think that's why he retired it to be honest ,I read noels was a sunburst 62 reissue from the early 90s custom painted as a gift from then girlfriend meg Mathews , and the additional fret markers don't catch the light like the standard Sheraton pearloids wich makes me think there stickers , watching the videos gives a better representation of them
  12. No its exact buddy , check out "don't look back in anger top of the pops on youtube " , like I said exactly the same . Noels additional markers were added later and looking at pics , they look like stickers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_dpUvzlZDw
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