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  1. Here is a link on rosewood quality grades http://www.lmii.com/products/mostly-wood/fingerboards/indian-rosewood-fingerboards
  2. That is not compound residue, but mineral trapped in wood during its develop and yes, expensive guitars don’t have this minor issue cause have a better wood selection. V
  3. A picture form Epiphone fb homepage. They’re planning new colours for the Casino.
  4. Hi gents, Someone knows what Gibson use to make their LP smell so good?
  5. Thanx for your replies! Great community! I think i will take her to the doctor for a soft scrab... I have a 2014 studio pro too, but fretboard is ok, so I guess It was a bad monday for someone at Gibson...
  6. Hello, These are the conditions of my LP traditional fretboard. When I bought it it had a very dry fretboard, with a sort of velvet layer on. So I treated it with some Dunlop 65. The velvet layer of dryness went away but a rough surface was disclosed, with a lot of trasversal lines even on the inlays..bad plekking job I suppose There is something that I could do? Or is it better to take it to my luthier?
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