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  1. Looks really nice! Congratulations and I wish you lots of fun with it! :)
  2. Congrats on the new guitar! Personally, I'm a bit dissapointed they didn't include Gibson pickups for this model but instead, ProBuckers. Those do sound great (I have them on my LP), but for an anniversary "super high end" model, I expected them to make that extra mile when it comes to pups.
  3. I must say I'm kinda dissapointed they didn't include (since it's a high end + anniversary model) Gibsons pups, instead, they put ProBuckers. I mean, I LOVE Probuckers on my Standard Plus Top Pro but, to me, it seems this latest model is pretty much about looks while, on the sound department, they didn't really bother making that extra step? Or is it the pride, being Epiphone anniversary model, they thought it would be innapopriate to use Gibson pups? I wouldn't really buy this guitar as it would probably sound the same as my Plus Top Pro does (but with extra eye candy and golded hardware)
  4. My biggest nightmare.. :D Anyway, I hope you manage to fix your guitar!
  5. The more I look at your guitar the more I think it has an usual but nice color. Certainly not a deal breaker for me.
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I for one, always look at the specific model by browsing thru multiple (different) photos and/or youtube videos. Only than I can tell if I really like the color or not.
  7. One thing I really hate about the Gibson is the fact that you can't buy a "pretty" guitar without spending a lot of dough. My Epiphone Standard LP Plus Top Pro looks absolutely stunning. Why the hell not have Gibson do the same for a lesser price? Hell, give me "fake" looking decorated Les Paul, I don't care as long as it's pleasant to the eye..instead, most I can afford is a "faded" version..which looks meh...yes, sound and playability ARE the most important thing but cmon..
  8. Kenan

    What a waste...

    ^^How hard is it to remove the zero fret nut?
  9. Kenan

    What a waste...

    Well, isn't that reason enough? Imagine buying a new guitar and it wears out after month of playing and than having to fix something that never should have been broken in the first place..pretty discouraging, at least to me.
  10. All those 2015 models with brass zero fret nut..it's like, failure waiting to happen. I wanted to purchase LPM 2015 but because of the zero fret nut (made of brass) I decided not to..such a shame..what were they thinking?
  11. ^^Yeah..you'll do that for a month or so and then you'll just stop.. :D BTW, as for the buzzing..I believe I heard some buzzing on one of the Slash's live gigs. He was playing Anastasia on one of his double necks (acoustic) and you could sorta hear it when he was doing a solo (probably because he was picking it hard. Nothing major but it was there. And it it was kinda cool. Basically, it's a normal thing IMO (to certain extent of course)...
  12. ^^Oh ok..well, I wish you best of luck in fixing the problem as soon as possible...BTW, I'd first try get a replacement from Gibson rather than buying new one..
  13. I have ProBuckers on my Epi Standard Pro and, being well aware those may not be exactly the same as BurstBuckers, they do have sort of a "tight" sound..while my LP Tribute 70s (Gibby) has these Dirty Fingers pickups which are really loud and warm + the fact that it doesn't have any "fat" finish which would apparently choke out the sound, it has a very vibrant sound..(which I really like) Now, the Studio Faded is also pretty much "naked" but I'm not sure how warm and "mellow" are the BurstBuckers..but in all honesty, both are, IMO, great guitars and whichever I choose to go for, I'm pretty sure
  14. All three LPs I have had some minor buzz issues but nothing major..it all depends on how important it is to you. Of course, major buzz should be addressed. The frets you're mentioning are actually normal for most LPs IMO..Now, if those buzz even when doing light strumming and if it's noticable through the amp, well I guess that's a problem..
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