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  1. Thank you for the reply sir! I will take a look at those and other wider variants. I found straps made by Kirk Hammett that are really nice, but REALLY expensive.
  2. Hello All, I just had a quick question as I have experienced something I never have before with a guitar. I recently found a vintage 1987 Gibson ES-335 (Amazingly my birth year AND month. What are the odds?) and there is an issue that I have never come across before which is surprising considering I have a Les Paul Traditional and Studio. The guitar is VERY heavy and so much so that the extra strap I had laying around the house doesn't do a very good job of distributing weight and I have a very sore shoulder every time I play it. For those who have experienced issues such as this what are some good strap options you have found to help alleviate this problem? It is my only minor complaint for a great guitar I bought sight unseen. Risky I know, but it was a good gamble in this case!!! Thank you very much!
  3. Hey all, I was just curious if there was any chance we might see a reissued Scotty Moore style ES-295 at some point? Gibson has a long and rich history with great artists and I think it would be awesome to add the rockabilly guitar that started it all to the line up. That and at present I can't afford 12 grand for a vintage one ;) Thanks
  4. Thanks for the input guys. Sadly the more I think about it it really would be worth doing this right now. Money is kinda tight and even though I could swing it,its more of a want than a need since I already have a regular explorer. Why the hell did they have to make this a limited run? :(
  5. Thanks for the response. By feel I mean with it play the same but if the specs are similar it probably will. And I was afraid of that. I'll have to pull the trigger soon which i Was hoping to avoid.
  6. Hello fellow Gibson players, I just had a quick question regarding the white Explorer Tremolo. I would like to purchase one of these eventually and was curious as to how long the "run" will be? I noticed that Musician's Friend lists it a "limited edition." Is this guitar something that will be around for awhile or will I have to pull the trigger soon if I want to get one? Also does anyone have experience with it? I have a standard Explorer 76 from a few years ago and love it. Does this guitar play and sound as the regular Explorer does? Does it feel the same? Thank You, Mike
  7. Hey guys, Last night while I was cleaning my Explorer and restringing I think I accidently hit into the bridge screws and slightly lowered the bridge because my low E string keeps buzzing and appears to be hitting the other frets. I checked the neck and it appears fine. Also as I said It's only the low E string. I'm not sure how to properly set it up to proper hieght. Can anyone explain how to do this? thank You in advance, Viper
  8. Hey guys, When I put the pickup switch in the top position (Rythym) and I go to play, sound just shuts off and no sound comes out for a few seconds and then little juts of sound. Could that be the pick up, wiring, switch? Anyone knowledgable about this kind of thing? Thanks, Viper
  9. Hey guys, I already googled it and Ebayed it, but couldn't find anything. Did they ever make a Truss Rod Cover for Explorers that says "Explorer" in white script like the Les paul ones?If so where can I find one? Thank You, Viper
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