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  1. Thanks! - Yeah, I've seen this as well, but am starting to convince myself that may be a prototype (OR is the 1st year they were made) as the headstock is totally NOT like those pictures. The only picture I've found is this: The website where the pictures are reads: Two Gibson guitar banjos, both from 1918 which was, I believe, the first year that Gibson made banjos. One has a 12 inch pot and the other a 14" pot. The one on the right is it, albeit the pictured one has a clear head, unlike the one I posted. The clear head is probably not the original. I'm curious as to the value.
  2. A friend of mine showed this to me the other day and I was rather astonished. Click here for pictures He said he purchased it 20 years ago at a garage sale for $15. I've looked around and have seen similar "Banjitars", and the closest thing I can find is the GB 4, as seen here: http://images.yuku.com.s3.amazonaws.com/image/jpeg/68d161453b12af0c769b9dff139d85bfc56926eb.jpg However, as you can see, the head stock is completely different. Any thoughts and help would be appreciated!! Thanks!
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