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  1. Worst neck dive I ever had was with a hollow-body Tele style guitar. It weighed about 4 lbs and that neck hurled itself to the floor with great vigor. What I did was nothing. It is not a problem when I'm playing the guitar, you don't feel like your holding up the neck. I don't care what happens when I'm not playing the guitar. So I like smooth leather straps, slide guitar into position to play. The end. P.
  2. 2013 SG Standard should have conventional wiring, no PCB. You don't have to change anything except the pickups, unless you want to get 4-conductor pickups and add coil-splitting. P.
  3. I agree. Everything you need, and nothing you don't. Look, I love me some flame, some binding, some bling...but as a working pro I find that a lightweight, toneful, easy-playing Les Paul works for me. The other stuff, well, I'm ok without it.
  4. Yup. Nice Brown case, purple lining (no shroud). Photos of the case from Sweetwater.
  5. I played a 2016 Les Paul 50s Tribute at my local GC. Loved everything about it except for the 50s neck. I prefer a 60s style. Doing a little research and found the nearest thing to that guitar with a 60s neck was the new Les Paul Studio T. I took a chance and ordered one from Sweetwater. The guitar is incredibly good. Looks good. Plays well. Sounds incredible. Came perfectly set up right out of the box. I prefer lower action than Gibson spec, but when I lowered the bridge there were absolutely no issues with buzzing or fretting out. Took it to my gig last night and loved it. So glad Gibson got the point and started offering guitars pros would actually want instead of those weird hologram, wide neck, robot abominations. Fabulous workhorse guitar, highly recommend you give one of these a tryout.
  6. I got one from WD Music Products, made for the Les Paul Deluxe. They come it 2 thicknesses, I got the thin one in case I had to trim. It isn't perfect, but I ended up using it without any mods. Looks fine, feels fine. Just make sure it's the one for the Deluxe (with mini hum buckers).
  7. Both terrific guitars, I have one of each. If I only could get one, the SG would get my nod. More versatile, easier to carry around, use less stage space, more powerful tone. But if the Firebird floats your boat, they sure are nice. P.
  8. With pick guard (standard cut for a Les Paul Deluxe).
  9. Absolutely none of this is true. Buy what you like, play what you like. No reason to bluster. Gibson makes fine guitars. If you don't want one, that's also fine. P.
  10. Banjo tuners are also very touchy. Ratio is very low, 4:1 or so, so they're closer to friction pegs than anything you're used to. So, heavy, touchy and hard to use. OK. Still, they are awfully pretty.
  11. Picked one up after Christmas. This guitar is literally a barrel of monkeys. Great tone, light as a feather, plays like a champ. Changed out knobs for reflectors because Speeds remind me of every cheap Asian guitar of the last 30 years. I'm going to try to fit a pick guard this Saturday.
  12. Your 2014 Firebird is wired exactly the same as any Gibson 2 vol/2 tone circuit. It is hand-wired so pickup replacement is no bother. For vintage sound, Seymour Duncan (Antiquity II, SM-1), Chris Klein, Lollar and Novak make very nice Firebird pickups. If you're looking to go fatter, Seymour Duncan (SM-3), and many mini humbucker models can be fitted. Many custom winders can make one to your spec's as well. Good luck.
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