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  1. Update After going and putting my hand on a few beautiful Epiphone Sheraton, and some deal making. I am happy to say my new love is the 1994 Gibson Epiphone Sheraton, after looking her over, she was perfect. Looks like she is brand new, and Once I put her in my hands, she fit like a glove and stole my heart at first note.. I talk them down to $400 and made her mine.. :) Wanted to share with everyone. Again thank you all very much for your help.. I off to play with my new lady. Hope you all have a very blessed day Pics are a little dark and do not do her justice. Take on phone
  2. Wow thank you all so much for all the info. What a nice community. You all have given me a lot of info and some great tips and I'm very thankful.I'm about to head over to my favorite store to check out a new one, wanna hear and see how she feels in my hands.Then I have a date with the 94.. Guess we will see which one I come home with :)Wish me luck
  3. Thank you for all the tips. I will be sure to check it out well.. I will be happy to follow up.. Going to do some reading about it, then look around on what a good price is and which would be better "94 or a new one. Again thanks I already know more now then when I logged on today..
  4. They are asking $500 I had no clue what a good price range would be. Does it being a 94 make a difference from a newer one?
  5. Thank ya Sir Looks like I got some reading to do. It's much appreciated
  6. As topic title states I am a New member so Hi ya'all and thank ya glad to be in the group.. I am also new to Epiphones, That is, I'm looking to purchase my first, and was hoping you all could give me a little help and guidance along my way. Now I have been admiring this beauty for a while but I do not no much about them and was wondering if anyone could help me with some info about it. I would like to know a little of the history, SPECS and what is a good price range on this? I'm ready to take the leap.. Just don't want to do it blind. Here is what I do know (other then I love it) serial number is - S94020755 Truss rod cover has Gibson (will try and get pics to load) Thank you to everyone advance..
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