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  1. Hi, I've just bring back the guitar at home, so here are somes fews pics : http://img502.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sanstitre2v.jpg http://img502.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sanstitre3zbj.jpg it's sounding amazing ;-)
  2. Thank you for your help & your advises Sok66 So I'm going to contact the guy to confirm the sell :-/
  3. Hi everybody, I'm actually looking for buying an 2005 SG Junior, and I would have some questions about it, so it will be pretty cool if anybody can help me ;-) 1) Authenticity Serial Number is : 032251370 so if I apply what I saw on the net I've got this : Nashville Plant, TN, USA November 18th, 2005 Production Number: 70 Is it correct for a Jr & does someone can give me some info about guitar spec' please? 2) Bridge I've read some articles about changing "standard" bridge by a badass => is i treally interesting ? Thanks a lot for your help, Thibaud
  4. Damned, you are very strong I'm such a Slash Fan that I use a Silver Jubilee Amps ;-) Thank's a lot for help your help YOSHIDA San :D/
  5. Dear Mr YOSHIDA San, Thank's a lot for your comments, they are very usefull. I've just receveid the guitar and it's just a "Dream"o:) But could you explain me what is a "non wired ABR1 bridge" please The only thing I think that I will change is to replace originals pickups by SD Alnico II who are on my Epiphone. Sorry, I'm "just" French but I often work for "Henkel Cemedine" at Tokyo so maybe have we professional meeting? Regards Taya
  6. Hi, I'm actually looking for buying an 2002 R7 Goldtop, and I've some questions so it will be very cool if anybody could help me ;-) 1) Authenticity Serial Number is : 7 2 561 so if I apply what I saw in M. Yoshida's topic I can say that it's a 1957 Reissue produced in 2002 and the guitar was the 561 of the year -> is it correct ? Could you give me too a little description of parts of this guitar like pickup model, Tuner key type, caps & pots type ? 2) Furrow Salesman tell me that there is no scratches & diggs but there is a light "furrow" between the 2 parts of top : Is it "normal" or a "cosmetic trouble" ? Thank's for your help, Taya
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