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  1. The biggest tragedy here Charlie, is you dropping a NOT joke about 17 years after it was cool, funny, or hip. Pack up your Hypercolor shirt and your Zubas and look for a new catch phrase. Maybe one about airline food or Bill Clinton.
  2. Ive shot under 100 2-3 times ever. 92 is my personal best, and I have been out more times that I care to admit. :unsure: I got a couple buddies that played in college that are pros that might shoot in the high 70s on their best day.
  3. On a side note, I read an article this morning about one of the great feats that the late KJ accomplished in his glorious life time. Apparently, KJ (who had never had a golf lesson in his life) decided to try his hand at some stick and took to a 7,700 yard, 18 hole pro level course in Pyongyang. Mind you KJ had never played golf before, but that did not stop him from 4 hole-in-ones and an overall score of 38 for the round. Just to put it into perspective for you non golfers, Tiger Woods once shot a 62 on a comparable course to win the Masters. So not only is KJ better on his first round that Tiger was in his prime, but more than 20 strokes better. But the only thing better than shooting a 38 is to have a witness! KJ happened to have several underlings with him to vouch for his score. Not only has the world lost a leader, but the greatest golfer ever to live, and most likely will ever live. RIP Kim (Cinderella Story) Jung Il. Its in the hole!
  4. About 10 years ago, Northwest put me on a 2 engine prop plane from the Twin Cities to Detroit. We had engine trouble and that sealed the deal for me. When it comes to passenger planes, I am not a Luddite!
  5. If you can get it for $200 its worth the risk. My first tube head was a Crate, and I had a few problems with it.
  6. Writing is hard, man. My combo back home did several original tunes, but I have not written anything since I moved out to CT. Just keep a notebook and pen around at all times. My old man is an incredible song writer, but I guess it skips a generation.
  7. My folks figured out something was up when I casually brought up my list for Santa during winter break, sophomore year at Uni.
  8. Will be less interested in this title game than previous years. These teams play all the time, including earlier this season. Half the fun of the bowls is to see how your team matches up against other conferences. I'll be pulling for the Huskers in the Capital One Bowl against SC.
  9. Any kid that would watch FOX News Chicago already knows there is no Santa.
  10. Finally got my hands on some baked Maple yesterday. Definitely a different feel. I own a maple neck Gibby LP and a hand full of Fenders, so I'm used to having some Maple in my left mitt, but the new BM boards have a unique feel to them. Others have compared the feeling to Ebony, but I don't agree with that. Ebony definitely has a more polished and slick feel. The maple feels more raw and snappy. I have always been weary of Rosewood, just because it can be generic and lack character. Meanwhile some better examples will really melt into the instrument and let you dig in to the note. I can see baked Maple being more consistent, but I'm not completely sold. Its not a deal breaker, but I am also not in the market for a new Gibson at the moment. I will have to revisit when I am seriously shopping for a new instrument.
  11. People treat this like the Gibson team pulled weight relief/ chambering out of the sky. Like one day they were sitting around and decided, "Lets chamber LPs because.....I don’t know, %*#@ you, because I feel like it." Since the inception of this instrument, players have complained that they are too heavy. I have never played an original sunburst, but I have gigged with a maple neck Norlin Goldtop, and a super solid 77 Custom. They were HEAVY. I could play the Goldtop for a set before I started to feel it, but the custom felt like I had a cement block around my neck after 3 songs. I had a Smarwood series LP that was weight relieved and still too heavy for my tastes. Now I am willing to bet that many of the individuals that have made it a point to voice their disdain for chambered LPs have never stood in a crowded bar with a Norlin area, solid as hell Lester strapped to their shoulder for 3 sets. If you have, and still prefer the solid....more power to ya. But know that many players’ backs think chambering is a godsend. Just remember, if Gibson pulled in the reins every time a few luddites started whining about changes, there would be no Les Paul to begin with.
  12. Congrats on being the first person to bring up this topic . Guess what, LP Standards are chambered now, so if they are to light for you, get something else, dammit! Standards ARE chambered, and that is how they are, so quit crying about it. Sounds like you're happy with your Epis, so why are you posting this here? Do you just feel like b*tching about gear you wouldn't buy anyway? It's a free country, bro. Gibby makes solid LPs, weight relieved LPs, and chambered LPs. If you don't like the chambered ones, don't buy one. Every guitar is not made for you. We are always glad to have new blood on the forum, but do a search and read any of the 50 threads on this topic before you start a new one.
  13. I'm just up the street in Middletown. Probably want to remove your address, though.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6ahuYQwzpQ
  15. I don't agree with this 100%, but there is some truth to this statement. For the most part, even free bands know they are more or less auditioning for possible future paid gigs. Talent and audience appeal has less to do with receipts than the crowds they draw. The Semi famous blues guy that I mentioned we hired for $800 (the most I have ever paid a band) drew a huge crowd, but not the type that spends a ton of money. We did okay, but it was more about booking a big name and making money at the door. Naked Lunch (the Cure sounding band) is far from the best act that we employ, but a ton of college age kids come out to see them. The Jerry Pranksters are probably the most talented group in the city. However, they are a jam band (originals, plus Phish and Dead covers), and draw a notoriously cheap and dirty crowd. They have to work for peanuts because their fans are much less free with their wallets than they are with their spirits, and the venues know it. Lazer Wolf, the city's best"pro" cover band is also very talented and the crowd can really get into it, but they totally saturated the bar scene. They play 3-4 nights a week, so its no big deal if you miss them because they are playing at another pub down the street the next night. So it becomes, "If I'm out and about, I might stop in." as apposed to "I'm going to try to make the show." Ive seen them like 6 times by accident because they happened to be playing at the bar I walked into.
  16. Its all over the place. I had a 3 piece "Cure" sounding alternative group called "Naked Lunch" that did half covers and half originals that would work for $250+ free drinks (a lot of free drinks). There was a cover group that was popular locally that wanted $350. There is a three piece the "Swing Crew" (stand up bass, drums, and guitar) that would do it for $400+ free food, but it was totally worth it. We had the 6-8 piece funk combo that wanted $600, and I once payed $800 for a semi famous blues player out of Chicago (and he gave me a break). I once had a guy give me a demo and behalf of a musician he represented (that I never heard of), and he wanted almost a grand. I laughed in his face. On the flip side, I have had groups that just wanted to play, and told me to pay them after the show based on what we made and what I thought they were worth. You got guys that will do if for free drinks, and guys that want a grand
  17. Good topic! As a restauranteur/ bar manager, perhaps I can shed some light: Bottom line, most bands just want too much money. The pros that do this for a living have priced themselves out. There are too many 9-5 guys with bands that are pretty good, and will play for next to nothing. There are guys we will go out of our way to hire when they roll through, even though they are expensive. But the pricier acts only get hired a few times a year. We used to hire a funk/rock 6 piece with horns and sax a couple times a year. They were tight, but when you do the math, they wanted like $40 an hour per person, $700 for a Tuesday night (weekends were more)! You figure I have to sell $1500-$1800 in food and booze just to break even on them. I might bank, but I might tank, too. Just not worth the risk. Especially when a bunch of tech support guys will come play for a gas money and free drinks. Also, look at how many games are on TV now. Back in the 60s and 70s, you were lucky to get more than a couple football games a week. With season ticket, I can get any NFL game in high def. Cost wise, its not much more for a whole season than to hire a couple bands for a weekend. The three busiest days we have ever had have been when USC came to play us in 2008, when Oklahoma came to play us in 2001, and when we got the Tyson-Lewis fight on pay-per-view. No band has ever come close to bringing in as much business as those events. I'm all about hiring good bands to play, but I'm not going to pay anyone $400 to play on a snowy Tuesday night. Just cant afford it!
  18. Don't worry. You could never polish that thing, and 20 years down the road, it will be fine. That's the whole point of the faded finish. 0 maintenance.
  19. If I could only have one, it would be this one. The guitar in my avatar is my #1, though.
  20. Wow. The guy asks about cool things to do in NY, and gets a bunch of "NY ROCKS!" responses on his thread. Well, thanks for the help. He already knows NY rocks, that's why he is going there. So how about helping the guy out with some cool things to do? You mentioned you may be there in the summer? Go scalp a couple of Mets tickets. F the Yankees. Time Square is transformed into a farmer's market/ urban vendors mall on Saturdays during the summer. Its a great place to get eats and browse the shops. If you got a lady @ home, you can get her a handbag on the cheap. I have always loved theater, so you can drop a buck + a head on Broadway tickets for a crappy show, or check out one of Joseph Papp's Public Theater performances of Shakespeare in the park, which run all summer long. They often receive better reviews than any Spiderman musical, and are free. Bring a jacket and tie, and check out an art show. Many offer free wine and cheese, and its a great chance to meet people, check out modern art, and hang out.
  21. Why does everyone say Nickelback? No one likes them. Everyone says they are big, but no one has ever actually met a Nicelback fan. My band I don't like but everyone does: RUSH
  22. Best pie in the 5 boroughs is Joe's Pizza on 7 Carmine Street in the West Village. Its right by Washington Square Park. You will save a ton of money if you can figure out the subway instead of taking cabs everywhere. Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park is the greatest museum I have been to by a long shot, and its pretty cheap to get in. And...um....no reason to go north of 110th Street unless you feel like touring Columbia U. But most of all, have fun! Go Knicks!
  23. My guitar room is "the house". My old guitar room is now called "the baby's room".
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