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  1. Jrs are effin' sweet. My Dad had an early 60s MM that he tricked out with an old Gibby P-90. It sounded super raw and was dope to play. Some fool stole it from a gig in Sioux Falls, SD of all places
  2. There have been some good money saving tips on this thread. I like the movie idea. I may just shoot some adult videos with my wife to give to my in-laws for Christmas this year.
  3. The incidents are simply over represented in the media. Any time huge numbers of people all go out to do the same thing, there will be a few incidents. Its a fact. Anyone here grow up in or go to school in a football town? You know how many fights there are after the Ohio State-Michigan game? How about 49ers @ Raiders? If you're a Giants fan, you better have your affairs in order before you take a road trip to see your team play 9 innings in LA. I'll bet $$ you are statistically more likely to catch a butt whoopin' if you go out for a cocktail in Lincoln after any Nebraska home game than you are braving the Black Friday shopping crowds.
  4. Thats what I'm going to give my wife for Christmas, a homemade tape . Sorry bud, she gets to listen to me play guitar all the time, weather she wants to or not. "Here you go Matthew, my 6 year old nephew, its a tape of me playing guitar, Merry Christmas." Im going to have to line "the man's" pocket a little more this Christmas. It's either that or be the cheap a$$ husband/father/brother/uncle/and son that made everyone homemade tapes for Christmas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG-VB5xb6KM
  5. Sounds like you picked up a killer piece of wood, my friend. Play it a little and make sure its up to chalk before you start modding. If all you want to do is install some pup covers, just put a few drops of wax on the inside cover, and put it over the pup while the wax is still hot. No welding required, and 100% reversable.
  6. Well, notice that I didnt say that my sister has never been shot at a black friday sale. She's been shot six times.
  7. Its not like the beggining of "Gangs of New York" in every shopping center, mall, grocery store, gas station, and truck stop across the USA. A few people get out of hand every year, and somebody gets a broken arm or pepper sprayed, and every news organization in the states puts up a video of it on the 6 oclock report. Then everyone that didnt stand in line in front of Target for 7 hours shakes their head and feels better about themselves for not going out on black friday. My sister goes out every year and has never been pepper sprayed, trampled, arrested, or stabbed.
  8. Send me a link if you got one. I need to work on photo editing, but have had a difficult time locating one that moves along at a decent click. There are a bunch out there, but they all seem way to basic or far too advanced.
  9. Some people enjoy it. My church hosts the Turkey Bowl (a flag football game on black friday), and a bunch of the ladies were coming back from shopping just as we were starting the game. They had fun. Most of them only spent $20-50, and just went to have fun with their friends. People have all kinds of wierd hobbies and do stupid stuff for fun, and I would say black friday shopping is pretty tame compared so some of the stuff people do to entertain themselves. I love it how we have people on the forum that will spend hours and hours a day posting online messages to strangers, but if you want to go late night shopping with your friends, you're sheep, crazy, or ashamed to be an American or a white person.
  10. Not crazy about some of the advice given here. If you boyfriend plays guitar and likes Les Pauls, it would a great present. Yes each instrument is different, but Gibson cranks out quality instruments. Examine the guitar for neck and headstock breaks or damage. Plug it in to make sure the electronics work. $500 is a decent deal. If you know your BF likes Les Pauls, he will love it. Dont worry about taking it to a tech. Its a guitar. Its a couple of pieces of wood glued together with some plastic and magnets. Plug it into an amp, make sure both pups and the switch work. If your BF has ever used the phrase "gosh, I would love to have a Gibson Les Paul", than it would be a great present for him. If he has 20 guitars and they are all Fenders, maybe he doesnt like Gibsons, so in that case I would think twice. Just snoop around enough to find out if he would like another kind of guitar better. If not, buy it. He will love it because its from you.
  11. Make a decision based on the instrument as a whole. Gibson has been putting maple fret boards on guitars since the 1970s. Ive seen Fenders with maple fret boards that have endured decades of heavy play and held up just fine. Don't get hung up on new things because you are used to the old way. If you don't like the way the maple board plays or feels don't buy it. If having a rosewood board is that important to you, than buy a Gibson with a rosewood board.
  12. This (not because its dark or mysterious, but because its the greatest piece ever composed by a human person): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6txOvK-mAk Or this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkcKSLGVeKc
  13. There is no way that this is an authentic recipe because booze never lasts 3 months in a Hungarian or Irish house!
  14. @Derek- good starter ax for sure, friend. Play every day, you got to do that git some justice. That neck looks fatter than a Bridgeport hooker.
  15. I got a pearly in the bridge of my #1. Good sounding dirty pup, but thinking about trading up for something a little more versatile.
  16. That is cherry, my friend, cherry. Love the look.
  17. I saw Neil Young w/Crazy Horse on 7-23-1997 at Sandstone Amphitheatre in Bonner Springs, Kansas, for the HORDE Festival. Also featured Primus, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Beck, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and many others. Easily in the top 5 best shows I have ever been to.
  18. There is no more fitting thread to insert my post #1000 than this one. I must simply say, no guitar gives me a bigger boner than a goldtop Les Paul with a pair of screamin' buckers.
  19. I returned Slowhand because the Strat sounded too beat up.
  20. You kind of look like an Earl, Fred. With that pretty mouth of yours.....
  21. Why would somebody do that? You would have to make up a new email, register, and start posting just to get into the lounge. Seems like a lot of trouble just to talk smack about the McRib.
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