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  1. Oh, man. That sucks. But at least no one was injured, and the guitars made it. Still, no fun at all. Take care.
  2. I hear ya. It's a common enemy for the entire world, which should bring us all closer together, at, er, a safe distance!
  3. Quarantine Sunday, just as eventful... Maybe drop really tiny pieces of toothpick shavings in the hole, and then insert the screw... That way, alignment wouldn't be a problem, nor should it put much stress on the hole? Ah, the joys of overthinking things.
  4. I played my 2017 Tribute. Tweaked the pickups a little. Better. Found a tiny bottle of sanitizer. The hand-washing... Not good for strings. Damn this pandemic.
  5. In all seriousness, wouldn't that be VERY expensive?
  6. Ah, but he branched out into jazz. There's your explanation.
  7. Never heard of it. Maybe a used Epi instead?
  8. I wouldn't know. I'm too metal to play acoustic guitar.
  9. Fretboards need conditioning once a year or so. I think every two weeks will eventually turn the wood to mush. Just sayin'.
  10. I don't think we do that. I think everyone's pretty respectful to one another here. As for Les Paul models, I don't even have a Standard. In spite of this handicap, I turn my frown upside down. In recognition of this, Gibson really should send me a Standard (honeyburst, as little weight relief as possible), to encourage this humanitarian approach I'm spearheading. No, wait, the Classic with the zebra pickups would be perfect. See? I'm willing to settle. Am boring even myself now, so... Night-night...
  11. Still haven't fixed it... Think I'll shave off a thin sliver with a razor and skip the glue. Although it can't hurt to just leave it be for now, can it. Quarantine Saturday... Not exactly a whirlwind of activity. Good job with the bat soup, or whatever it was...
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