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  1. Never was a VH fan, but I recall his autobiography was pretty good.
  2. Yup, but "Crying" and "Amazing" make Bryan Adams sound like Napalm Death. Two listens and bam - type 2 diabetes.
  3. Thanks for the advice! I just finished the set-up. A few frets could use a little touching up - still! Can't hear it through the amp or DI, so I'm leaving well enough alone. I've had to adjust literally everything. I'm done NOW - what's it been, a month? It sounds great and I do love it (now), but jeez Louise, what a pain in the butt this one was.
  4. I just wish the drummer would take out some of his toms. I realize it's his "thing" (right?). It's just not my thing. Damn kids and their hippie antics.
  5. Y Ugh. Au contraire. I've run into more issues and will get a full fret leveling.
  6. Had the frets fixed, just one more spot to do that I missed. God bless luthiers! A great guitar in most ways, and I am dead fre... uh, set, on keeping it, but this one was a little too much work out of the box for comfort. Not buying another Hagstrom anytime soon.
  7. Mm. Yeah, it's not the whole fret. Guess I've just been lucky in the past, always had perfect fretwork on every guitar I've bought. No, I have no fretwork tools at all, so after I get this taken care of I think I should buy some.
  8. It's not the actual fret end. Although one of the high spots is on the end of the fret (high E). It's a quarter-inch of the fret that's about 1/100" too high on both of the affected fret. I'll have it looked at this week but figured I could use a tool for future use.
  9. Studio One 4 Professional is very good, very intuitive and relatively cheap! Edit: if it's a DAW you want.
  10. Would this be a good tool for precision spot leveling, do you think? https://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Tools_by_Job/Tools_for_Fretting/3-Corner_Fret_Dressing_Files.html
  11. I've gotten some good advice from you over the years! 🙂
  12. I joined in 2014 and this has been my main source for information on guitars ever since (I was away for most of 2019, but I'm back now). I played guitar before 2014, but that's when I really got back into playing and when I first started geting into the actual instrument and not just the playing of it. So this is where I learned to do my own setups with all that it entails, and all that good stuff. Guys like capmaster, rct and Bence - and several other were my teachers, and today I pass on what I learned to others (I call it "Pinch's Community Outreach Program" - well, not really, but... still). Some people have left, some remain, but the vibe on here remains the same. It is indeed an excellent forum full of very knowledgeable and friendly people.
  13. I actually have a broken spare neck here, so I used a nail file for practice... Not very precise unfortunately, and the fret got flat. Maybe a jewelery file is better. But seeing the precision work I just did, I think I'll leave it to a pro 😉
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