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  1. G’day Cobber my email is gumfarm@gmail.com

  2. Late to the party, but that looks like the actual fretboard could very well be separating from the neck, which I understand is very bad news. I would steer clear.
  3. Pinch

    First Les Paul

    Glad to hear it, man! And thanks for the info on PCB boards!
  4. Heh! On topic, that's really weird. I woulda thunked switching out the BB Pros would have changed things dramatically.
  5. Pinch

    First Les Paul

    No idea, sorry. Some kind of contact cleaner. As it's a PCB board, I'm not very comfortable with liquids. Likely because I have no idea what a PCB circuit board actually is 😉 Compressed air did the trick this time. I was a bit stumped though, because I can understand oxidation when you tour, but it was fine after we got back (unlike us). It's obviously the switch though, or cleaning it wouldn't change a thing, and I'm betting it's your switch, too. Again - it's under warranty, they should fix it. And remember that a replacement guitar can end up being crap. If you're happy with your guitar, and it would appear something minor is an easy fix, no point in getting a brand new one that could end up being a dud.
  6. I have an Epi PlusTop Pro and a Gibby Tribute LP '17. I actually paid almost the same price for them, the equivalent of 6 and 700 bucks, respectively. The Gibson was on sale. The Epi, well, Sweden' s expensive. They're both very good. You get a bit more chime with the Gibson (9-hole weight relief), but more bite with the Epi - and even though it has no weight relief, it's very resonant. Both have the Slash tone that I look for in a Les Paul. So I'd look for either, used. If you play some 1977 punk rock, I would have to go ahead and be a heretic and suggest the Epi PlusTop Pro over the Gibson. Happy hunting!
  7. Awesome! Know the feeling. I didn't play out for ages. Decades. Have played out more in a year than... I think ever. Including some touring in Europe, which I never thought would happen. Definitely a bucket list type of thing. I even retained parts of my sanity and just enough of my liver to survive.
  8. Pinch


    Forehead grease. I'm serious.
  9. Don't get me wrong, mate, it's a lovely accent! It is, in fact, my favourite accent of all. These blokes were quite, quite drunk though!
  10. Pinch

    First Les Paul

    I had a similar issue with my V. Selector switch. They cleaned it. It was fine for six months. Then it started sticking in the neck position and sounding scratchy again. I sprayed it with compressed air, and that took care of the sticking. Haven't plugged it in since, though. It was late last night. If it's under warranty, they should fix it and it should be an easy fix. It could also be New Gibson Syndrome. I've worried unduly about all my Gibson purchases. The cure for that is gigging and especially touring. You go from "is this minute scratch a crack" to "God, I hope that c**t didn't piss in the neck pickup again. If not, all good."
  11. Awesome. I liked it a lot. One funny thing I noticed, though: my English is... I get by, put it that way. But trying to decipher really drunk Scots... Can't be done.
  12. Really? For free, and legit? Good to know, and just what I need.
  13. D'addario clip-ons for me. They work fine for Vs, but didn't really work for my Tribute. I removed the strap pins and found the original screws weren't the same length as the spare Schaller knock-offs I had. The holes are different depths (front/back). I don't gig or tour the Tribute, at least not yet, so... I've had guitars with pre-installed Dunlop Strap-Loks, and they were brilliant.
  14. First one who passes out, you put him and a fire axe in the front of the bus when parked in a dodgy neighbourhood.
  15. Pinch


    Each to their own. Basically, what happened was I got too anal about my guitars so I washed my hands beforehand, and I was later told that what I was actually doing was removing the skin's natural, I dunno, grease. Just a friendly word of caution.
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