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  1. Just the regular 3 positions. I don't know if the middle position that blends the two volume pots requires any special attention.
  2. Oh! Thank you for that! Excellent! Putting 4-conductor wired pickups into a guitar that originally came with 2-conductor wired pickups - anyone know anything about that? Problem? Thanks again, Dave.
  3. Weird. Seems a lot of reviews say bridge only (doesn't say on the Gibson site), but there's two of them in the 2017 Vs?
  4. Not the Dirty Fingers, I'm pretty sure there's only one, i.e. no sets or DF R/ DF T. No sets at retailers. Correct me if I'm wrong
  5. I got into bands harder between 12-25 or so. Every now and then I'll stumble onto something I really get into nowadays, but nowhere near as often. Part of it is formative years and part of it is I just don't have as much free time as a supposed adult.
  6. So they always differ in output if I buy two of the same pickups?
  7. Anything I need to consider if I'm to put two Dirty Fingers in a guitar? I see slight differences in output (neck/bridge) in certain Gibson guitar specs, even when it's the same pickup, in this case D.F. Not sure why. Electronics was never my department.
  8. With too many prudent cows, we'd have exploding cows. Actually, that's what formed those crop circles. (I think "outside the box".)
  9. It may sound lame, but it's profound. A bit of Buddhism now and then is good for you.
  10. I hear ya. Equating being irresponsible to being free is no fair to those of us who don't want to get sick. Do false equivalences on your own time, geniuses.
  11. I've had bridges like that. Have had no problems whatsoever. Other than worrying about it a few years back.
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