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  1. I read "Junkie" and "Queer". But "Naked Lunch" just made me dizzy.
  2. Well, social media did. I think. Too much of an echo chamber, and pretty asocial. Just the illusion of socializing. I think.
  3. Fellow V Guy here. Welcome!
  4. I think any book burning is bad. Good intentions or not. It never ends well.
  5. Thank you, guys. I knew I was going off the deep end there. But that's OCD - it's irrational by nature. Usually not a problem, so it's annoying when it flares up. I do think this whole quarantining business is getting to me. And many others. Can't wait for the vaccine. Oh man... Today was a long day in every way. One of those days when it's microwaved pizza and movies on the phone on your back.
  6. Mm. I went a bit overboard. At least future generations can use that post to diagnose nut-dom. So I'm good for something. I think Covid quarantine is eating at my brain.
  7. Took some dust and whatnot off my fretboard with a cloth after playing. Pretty lightly. Then noticed it was "only" 95% cotton. Got a little concerned. It's been lemon oiled before too, so there's a sealant. Looks fine. Should be fine, right? My OCD - For some reason, it's flared up for the first time in ages. It sucks.
  8. With all the handwashing these days, I'm happy if a set lasts two weeks. Damn you, COVID/idiot who made bat soup/kids today.
  9. No way in hell. They're Facebook algorithms who can't spell "algorithm".
  10. Well, they gave one to Lzzy Hale. To be fair, I have never heard her play. I'm just posting to state I think her name is Elsie rather than Lizzy, and she's just trying to hide it by omitting the "i". I have many theories and, apparently, more than enough time to think.
  11. Yeah, not a fan either.
  12. I like Jason. I watched this great lengthy interview on why he left Metallica the other day, and he showed a lot of integrity. He's a great bass player, always gave 110% live, and he should have been treated a lot better throughout his entire tenure with the band. I'm sure he was pissed seeing Trujillo not only get accepted with open arms from day one, but get a million dollars - and most likely, some nachos - that same day one.
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