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  1. That's why they're extinct. The T. Rex could smell the Asparagus Rex a mile away. I'm a learned man.
  2. Nut laquer crack. Happens when temp/humidity changes. No need to do anything about it. Used guitar, right? The binding, well... Unless your finger sticks in there when you're playing, I'm sure it'll be fine.
  3. Yeah. I like asparagus, but the word? Can't be the name of a vegetable. It's OBVIOUSLY the name of some lesser-known dinosaur.
  4. Points for that. If there's one thing that DOES need removing, it's words like "hashtag", "Trumptard/Libtard", "snowflake", "safe space", and possibly "asparagus".
  5. I flipped through some headlines the other day, and this came up. Didn't read the article. But I think he's joking. I read his book, he doesn't come across as a stupid guy.
  6. I believe French to be a hoax. It's one of my lesser-known conspiracy theories, but it's there. I base it on sound empirical studies (admittedly small sample group): literally NO ONE who took French in high school remembers any of it.
  7. Isn't it you followers of hashtags who are looking for attention? You're certainly the loudest. If someone is offended by Apu... I mean, you CANNOT be offended by Apu, unless, I daresay, you have issues with race. Much like no one can offend Apu himself. So thank you - come again.
  8. I was "woke" when it was considered the height of uncoolness - with what it's turned into, I choose to hibernate for the rest of my life, and fxxk anyone who has a problem with that. Apparently, Matt Groening is going to stop voicing Apu. That's not being sensitive, that's being retarded.
  9. Mixes. It's grindcore/noisecore. Pretty sure no one on her would like it.
  10. You could try. Won't cut it. It's getting crazy Being Swedish, I can't go ANYWHERE.
  11. Seriously?! Okay, we are now officially in "1984". The Ministry of Truth re-wrote history daily. This has gone too far.
  12. Or maybe we should stir things up to the point where no one can take the antsiness seriously anymore? I want to make it LOUD AND CLEAR that I don't mean to diminsh anyone's pain, including but not limited to George Floyd's relatives, the ones victimized by him, the ones he was victimized by, unnecessary force in an arrest scenario, peaceful protests, looting, me and Sgt. Pepper "beefing" with Ghost of FL... C'mon, fellow citizens of Planet Earth. We don't need censorship. We don't need John Cruz fired. We don't need oversensitivity NOR do we need UNDERsensitivity. Healthy people find they can't taste their lunch, and the next day they're on a ventilator. What we need now is to pull together as a species - and time and time again, I've found that the answer is not in hashtags. What everyone should do is be a decent person, as an individual. It's perfectly clear that group movements turn into witch hunts. They NEVER end well.
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