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  1. Pinch


    Two-point bridge on the Player Strats. Hmm. Hmm, I say.
  2. "It's not a doll, it's an action figure!" The show's okay so far. A little thin on plot. Looks great though. The prequels and postquels, I've seen all except the last one. A young Greedo in the first one, that's literally all I remember. They're not very good. Well, except for providing Comic Book Guy with the line "a disaster of Jar-Jarian proportions".
  3. Until they reissue it, I would suggest! Gibson: RE ISSUE THE GODDAMNED 1984 EXPLORER. Seriously.
  4. I have a Plustop Pro, its Grovers are great. I think you'll be fine. This year's 60s model has the same ProBuckers as my Plustop, btw, and I really like them. I'd buy one myself if they made it in honeyburst! Check the fretwork though, I hear it's hit and miss, possibly due to increased demand.
  5. For the longest time I thought Nirvana "Pennyroyal tea" was a play on words - "penny royalty", geddit? Then I found out it wasn't, and I liked them even less. Just a sidenote there. Well, for Sarge.
  6. Work thing + listening to Cock Sparrer. Will this site censor "c ock"?
  7. Good on ya. I just realized that with the exception of one night, it's been five months here. I get so hungover these days that it's not worth it.
  8. Damn, forgot to buy milk.
  9. Same here. I was GASing for the new Epi Classic,then stopped myself and thought: "okay - needs fretwork. Thinking of getting that done. Then I thought, hmm, I prefer Alnico II pickups. Maybe swap the Alnico Vs out so... so... it'll sound and play like the EPI I ALREADY OWN?! FFS..." It does come w/ a Graphtec nut though
  10. I didn't mean any disrespect.
  11. I too would definitely leave it be. Like Dub said, it's a vintage guitar - don't mess with that. You can always do something about it at some other time if you feel like it.
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