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  1. Me and Rob have both been busy lately. I was gonna e-mail him today. Last time we "spoke" was a couple weeks ago. He's doing fine.
  2. Happy NGD! Have heard good things a/ Schecter. My own heresy is I like import Jacksons.
  3. I have a Pedaltrain, which is sturdy and plenty of bang for the buck (I run a similar number of pedals). I wouldn't splash out on an expensive power supply. I bought a cheap Riot power supply (1000A, my pedals use up about half of that) and a Riot cable with nine whatchamacallits. It's survived touring and all kinds of indignities and attempts on its life, and it's fine (it was the cheapest setup available to me).
  4. Plustop Pro Standard. It took me ten seconds to decide to buy mine after I plugged it in. The ProBuckers make it sound very much like Slash's tone. I've got a Gibson LP Tribute (2017 model) too, and I can't decide which one sounds better. The Epiphone sounds a bit more like "Appetite", and the Gibson is more "Use your illusion". I daresay that the Epiphone has more bite. I probably wouldn't have bought the Gibson LP if the deal hadn't been amazing on that one. If you want Slash on a budget, without sacrificing quality/tone, that would be my choice. Bar none.
  5. Okay, so here's the deal: The truss rod adjustment wrench that came with my Epi LP Plustop Pro is slightly too large to fit. The wrench that is slightly smaller on my allen wrench kit goes in, but is slightly too small. Not by much. 4 mm, is that the standard? I'm thinking of getting a (4 mm?) gripper wrench from StewMac. Maybe put some thin cellotape on the end of the allen wrench that's only slightly too small... could work. Not under warranty any longer. Bought new, so I'm a bit miffed. If I were to replace the nut, what size nut should I get?
  6. Can't be bothered to read half of this. I say, hello, welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your experience, hope it can be resolved.
  7. I find the GE-7 very useful. And too noisy. I still use it, though. I need all my pedals for our setlist, so I couldn't pick just one. The most fun one is the TC Electronics delay. Highly recommended. You can't run it on batteries though - I thought mine was broken. No, turns out it just drains a 9V battery in a couple hours.
  8. I have to give Lars some credit. "The making of Death Magnetic" was interesting to watch. "Produced by Rick Rubin" me arse. Lars should have gotten that credit. Maybe he did. He's got royalties galore, and he can't play a note. Good work if you can get it.
  9. At the time, there weren't a million bands a minute shoving their music down your throat. Would they get swamped? I dunno. Crap shoot. Music critics would accuse them of ripping off Oasis though. I'd pay a dollar to see that.
  10. I cannot imagine there are any legal issues. Full disclosure when selling, and you should be fine.
  11. I, like Mike, have a 2017 Tribute and it's excellent. I've never played a 2018 Tribute for fear that it's better, which would necessitate me getting drunk and sulking.
  12. Backup 2017 V (new frets). And seeing as that would be pretty cheap for them, some nachos.
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