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  1. I have a 1998 in Natural. Love it. All the gold has tarnished off but it still kicks! Have to sell it though.... long story but I bought another guitar...one in one out....in this case its two out for the one in :-) Might go up here in the clasiffieds if anyone is interested. It was my first electric guitar back in '98. Samick factory turned out some nice guitars! db
  2. Thanks for all the responses! Sorry to be MIA for the last few months. Busy times. He recently purchased a Fender Rascal. Quite a nice bass. This weekend we are going to play the "finished" prototype of the Reverend Mike Watt bass. If he likes that he will get that and return the Rascal. The Rascal is a nice short scale with 3 lipstick pickups that do sound amazing through his Ampeg. There is 7 different pickup combinations that can range from growl to fat and everywhere in between. I will keep you posted on how the search goes from this weekend. db
  3. I just took my 2008 Masterbilt out of its case and it does not smell anything like my J45. Very weak smell. J45...very good......Masterbilt not as good. My Blueridge...not that good either......my new Ibanez AC240....not a potent Mahogany smell (but sure sounds amazing) Another thumbs up in a very different way for a True Gibson. Smells, who woulda thunk it? db
  4. I have a 2008 J45. It smells. Every time I am alone without it I think I smell it. If I am driving in my car, I smell it. I have yet to smell it in the shower. As I am going to sleep, I smell it. That fabulous spruce and mahogany wood smell. Will it ever go away? I hope it does not. Doe your guitar smell? db
  5. Mine is a 98 and love it. Great sound. Great player! However all of my "gold" tarnished off within two years. Does your gold look ok? db
  6. HA HA, thanks 62burst. My bride of 20 years :-) Its funny because I did not upload that pic. When I signed up for the boards and got to the avitar part it was already there.....I only used this photo one other time online so it does make me wonder what part of these boards are connected to other parts of the cyber space world. I am not sure on the poly finish....mine is satin but that does not mean it does not have something on it I guess. Thanks for all the advice! Any one need/want this masterbilt :-)? I will more than likely get to to the trade/sell board this weekend.
  7. Fantastic insight. Thanks everyone! db
  8. I am hoping to put my Masterbilt up for sale here and over on Reverb. Seeing thats its an all wood guitar do any of you have any advice for when (if) it sells on shipping in the winter? I have never shipped a guitar before and any advice from some of you who have could be helpful. I have a decent soft case to put it in. Unfortunately no hard case. (Would it sell better if I did get a hard case? Even a cheap one to ship in?) Thanks in advance! db
  9. This is what I am leaning towards. Actually I am looking into an EJ-200. Not the Artist or the new cutaway but the "older" ones that are no longer in production. Solid top, laminate sides and back. But the EL 00 has caught my eye before....just have yet to play one. Part of me wants a different wood compared to my J45. Different sound, hence the maple of the EJ200. But I have to sell my AJ500M first..... "One in one out" theroy. db
  10. Thanks for that. Its been 22 years since I first heard him. Still listening today. db
  11. Thanks everyone, our house is humidified but it only hovers at 40% due to moisture on the windows. I do have the Humidor with my guitars. But I think I have a bit of GAS for something to leave out, not care to much about in regards to weather conditions but also want it to sound decent. Thanks for all the advice, I'll let you know what comes of it. db
  12. I am heading out this weekend to find a decent sounding guitar to leave out in my Northern American house. Its winter here in michigan and my J-45 has 2 humidifiers in its case and my Masterbilt AJ500M has the same. I am wanting any advice on a decent sounding laminate guitar. I have 3 semi-decent guitar stores in my immediate area and Elderly is an hour down the road. Anyone have one they would recommend? db
  13. I use it and it is wild. Very useful. Add the drums and it follows right with your un-even temp :-) I do like that it transcribes the chords I play. Sometimes I run through things and forget the chords....I used to use voice memos a lot, now its this app. Plus its free. 100% winner in my book. In fact I was experimenting with open D tuning and just playing combo fingering that sounded good, I had no idea if it was a chord or not and Music Memo told me it was a D. db
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