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  1. All I can say is that my Wildkat was very muddy compared to every other guitar I've ever played, and a rewire job fixed it.
  2. My Wildkat sounded muffled from day one, but I bought it anyway because I'd read that it was all an issue of cheap, and too much, wire. I just finished rewiring it with only a single volume and single tone (stock pots) and some fresh push-back insulation wire. Holy cow! Clean, crisp, just amazing. They should come that way from the factory.
  3. It looks fine to me. As an owner of four Epiphones I am allowed to ask, "Who on Earth would counterfeit an Epiphone anyway?" without being considered offensive.
  4. Glad to see more pro 2015 model people besides myself here. Glad you started playing again. I have a 2015 Gibson Les Paul Classic. If you have any questions about it just hit me up. FYI Kepp a close eye on the brass nut for wear and metal dust on your fret board from it.

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