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  1. Thanks! MM necks are much narrower than say.. Les Paul necks (especially the 2015 models). My hands aren't that big, so this helps me a lot. The fact that it's unfinished also makes a great difference to speed, but that does come at a cost, though: You might notice a slight color-difference on the before/after images. This is because, I treated the neck with oil and wax - something you have to do relatively often with an unfinished neck.
  2. I wanted the sound of a Les Paul with the playability of a musicman-style neck. Naturally, I would never tingle with my Music Man, but I did have an EVH Wolfgang Special lying around... Unfortunately, the Wolfgang is only routed for the pickups already in it. Essentially, the pocket doesn't fit anything else, so I had to decide whether I should install the gibson pickups without covers on the mount of the EVH pickups, or I should expand the pockets to fit regular pickups and fit pickup-frames as well. I went all-in. The pickups are a 57 classic and a 57 classic plus. I also change
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