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  1. Hi, I'm Rafael from Spain, I would like to know the model of this Gibson pickup. I have removed the adhesive tape and the magnet is ceramic. thank you very much for your help
  2. Hi, I'm building a guitar and I want to put a p90 pickup, they sell me a Gibson p90 but ohmn's output seems very high, 9.36ohm. Can this original P90 Gibson puckup be? I would greatly appreciate your help and excuse my English imagen con enlace html
  3. rafalbar

    ID ES335

    thanks for your advice G Mac. I'm afraid to buy online, the other day I went to try a 335 dot of 1995 and I did not like it at all ... the sound that came out of stepping on the string on the freatboard was very bad .. however the body came out a good sound ... with body and quality. But the freatboard was as much treble and metal ... with an unpleasant vibration. I adjusted the bar of the mast and the height of strings and I did not get any improvement. However I tried another ES 335 new 2012 in store and I fell in love with the sound and game .. a sound like my best les paul but with th
  4. rafalbar

    ID ES335

    Thank you Wmachine. Also I think it's not what I'm looking for. I've seen a 335 blonde from 1985 that has me in love ... the price is what I do not like, but I'll probably end up buying it
  5. rafalbar

    ID ES335

    the fretboard looks very worn, you would have to buy on line without being able to try it.
  6. rafalbar

    ID ES335

    Thanks for your answer, I look for a 335 ... although this seems a very special instrument. what value can it have? the seller asks for € 3300
  7. rafalbar

    ID ES335

    Looking on the internet I think it's 1968. Even knowing that it is not a 335 has helped me a lot. thank you
  8. rafalbar

    ID ES335

    Thank you very much Ksdaddy for your reply. The seller did not put the model in the advertisement and I assumed it was a 335. What year can it be?
  9. rafalbar

    ID ES335

    Hi .. I want to buy a Gibson ES 335 and I've seen this guitar but I do not know what year it is. Can someone help me with the year of manufacture and opinion of the guitar. Number 955256. Thank you
  10. Thank you for your answers. in the end that guitar was a trick advertisement, the seller sent photos collected from google and only accepted payment by paypal sent to relatives or friends so that I could not claim the refund in case of not sending me the guitar. I'll keep looking for a 335. thanks
  11. Hi. I've been looking for a Gibson is 335 and I've found one for sale on line second-hand. is a model ES 335 TD 1963 Historic. The serial number is 70198. I am looking online for the manufacturing date and I can not find out. Does anyone know the year it was manufactured,? thank you and excuse my english
  12. I'm in Spain (Europe)
  13. thank you very much for your advice .... I have quite a few solid guitars ... but I am at a time in my life that I feel like a semi hollow ... I tried a 335 without plugging in recently and I liked it ... I could not stop touching it, and a falcon Gretsch that happened to me the same ... it sounded very fat and clear. I do not know if buying a current 335 or one of the 80 '
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