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  1. Try to stay away from your road kill taxidermy projects , I know it's art to some people but....

  2. Confidence Man - Jeff Healy (from See the Light)
  3. Money (That's what I want) - Barret Strong
  4. They Call me Guitar Hurricane - Stevie Ray Vaughan (pretty sure it's a Guitar Slim cover)
  5. Man, these stands just keep getting better When I found myself in need of an amp stand I just used another amp. And since it's an Amp I figured, "Why not use it, too." Now I could use a Double Amp Stand?
  6. Sorry I was so low about liking your page (guess that was me hamming Up my Americaness)

    Didn't just do it out out of kindness, either. I really like your music!

  7. my pleasure old boy (sorry hamming up my Englishness)

    be a gent old bean, like my page back...I say



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