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  1. Sorry I missed yours! lol I actually just did a search for Marshall and that thread came up, I'll be checking our a Blackstar today. Can't wait. It seems I haven't had more than a minute to get on the computer lately, that's really why I'm never on here anymore. It's tough to keep in the conversation when I can only post every couple days.
  2. Humans tend to over think simplicity, music theory is the epitome of tendency. If one plays the 55th key on a properly tuned piano you get a tone of 625.25 hz. That note is a D# and an Eb. If you sing it with your voice, it's 625.25 hz (albeit wavering). That tone of 625.25 hz has existed since the dawn of time, we called it a D#. If we had called it a "Flughenbauld" it would still be 625.25 hz. As far as tuning to Eb for your vocals, I guess that could work. But soon as you play in any key above E that kind of goes right out the window. The way I see it, Music theory is mans
  3. I had a feeling this was the case. Tube Marshall at a bargain price was just too good to be true. Thanks! I don't know what happened, I just kind of fell off line LOL. I've been wanting to try out a Blackstar 212 combo, and after Axe's review I think I'll give one a serious try.
  4. I've been searching for a decent 212 Combo for club sized gigs. As I am completely unfamiliar with the Marshall MA series I was hoping I could get a little insight.
  5. It makes some kind of sense. A budding guitarist will focus on the things that excite him about the instrument. Take Eddie Van Halen, for example. Good songs and technical excellence. If a budding guitarist is turned on by his blazing leads he'll spend much of his time trying to nail the solo's, which takes a lot of technical prowess. If he's turned on by his cool riffs and interesting arrangements that students study of EVH will end up learning more about song crafting than scales and technique. Then there's the unavoidable fact that songwriting is an art. To use a painting analogy,
  6. Capitalism is not a form of government, it's an economic system.
  7. Try to stay away from your road kill taxidermy projects , I know it's art to some people but....

  8. A musician without a Facebook Page is a musician without a gig. I my opinion, that's a loser.
  9. He can dictate, assuming there's a stenographer out there that can understand him. Maybe Ozzy refer one for him.
  10. I imagine they were troubled teens that connected with the loveless life that led Holden Claufield to follow his disillusioned idea of what real life was. I imagine they didn't pick up on the "real life isn't as romantic as it seems" message that normal people pick up on.
  11. John Mendelsohn's Wikipedia page Led Zeppelins Wikipedia page I wonder what Jimmy Page's review of John Mendelsohn would read like?
  12. And they listened to the Beatles, so what?
  13. LOL, yeah, by the 80's they'd turned their backs on Aristotle and Thucydides. We read Caesar in my sophomore year, but we had an old fashioned (but very young) English teacher. I still owe him some thanks for making us think when we least expected it.
  14. By ears mostly, but Some times I'll learn from other players or grab the chords from a reliable internet source J/K. When I get a song off the internet I scrutinize it with my ear to make sure it's right. Running an open mic night every Thursday pushes the learning curve, sometime I'm reading it right off a lap top so I can play with the guests.
  15. Animal Farm was required High School reading back in the 80's. I'd hate to think that's changed. High School students need Animal Farm and Catcher in the Rye.
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