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  1. Confidence Man - Jeff Healy (from See the Light)
  2. Money (That's what I want) - Barret Strong
  3. They Call me Guitar Hurricane - Stevie Ray Vaughan (pretty sure it's a Guitar Slim cover)
  4. Man, these stands just keep getting better When I found myself in need of an amp stand I just used another amp. And since it's an Amp I figured, "Why not use it, too." Now I could use a Double Amp Stand?
  5. Sorry I was so low about liking your page (guess that was me hamming Up my Americaness)

    Didn't just do it out out of kindness, either. I really like your music!

  6. Thanks for liking my Band Page on Facebook, that's really cool!

  7. "Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from Top Gun)" - Berlin
  8. I've seen Milo use that word, I like it. I'm betting the American Accent you're referring to is from New England. States like Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Delaware have a very English like accent

    As for Tony Blair, I notice it when he gets all Flustered, he starts slipping.

  9. That would make sense. If Brits were all presented to us like Ozzy I'm sure there would be a different stereotype. Even Tony Blair had a touch of common in his accent.

  10. Lol, Yes that was a lot of fun. I'm glad you took my jests in the spirit they were given, but you know us American's, we go straight for the pompous card. Welsh huh? I'm actually a small part Welsh, but mostly Irish and German.

    I'll have to check out Shadowlands, I'm a big Anthony Hopkins fan and I loved the Narnia books when i was a kid. I better read them again.

  11. I just stay up and do something. Write/Learn a song. Go to work tired tomorrow, then you'll sleep like a baby tomorrow night.
  12. Mexican radio for the third time, Thanks Matt! I love that tune!
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