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  1. Beautiful man, Congrats My Tradtional Pro has the coil splits also I love the range of tones I can get. BTW, what model of Epi. tweed amp is that in the background? I never saw that model or I'd most likely own one as well. Have a good 'un.
  2. I love the old glass. Nothing sounds better. That's a piece of musical history, all I can say is I'd love to find that in a yard sale. I have to ask, how does she play? Have a good'un. PS. Thanks for showing Us.
  3. Thanks a lot man! I had already found that one but didn't think it looked like it was from this decade or so, LOL. After more closely looking at it after you posted the link I see it has been updated but just I suppose to look retro, I don't know? The link for the schem. didn't go to a page that had anything for the new Elektar Amps, everything else though. Oh well, I just expected to get some kind of paperwork with the thing. Either way I found a schem. and the bias range so that's what I mostly wanted. As for the guitar L.P. Trad. Pro, I love it. The more I play it the more I want to play it and I am happy with the amp, it can definitely get loud enough for a small gig but, I just like to play with a few friends from to time and it's my favorite way to pass time. I've come to love to play. I also love the retro look of that amp. the QC must have been hit and miss because I seem to have got a very nice one, that plays equally nice. Thanks Crust for the help,and thanks Epiphone for fine instruments, at reasonable prices.
  4. Hello everyone, I just wanted to start off saying, I've had this amp for about a month now and I wouldn't trade it. I'm very happy with the tone and sound from it. At first I had the apprehensions from a few bad or semi-bad reviews, and the hum. But, number one I changed the pre-amp tubes for brand new Groove-tubes 12ax7-C tubes, and adjusted the power tube bias. The specs I finally found on a schem. for the thing. The range is listed from 15-25mv so I set the bias as close as I could for about 80% of that one tube ended up at 21.5mv, the other at 22mv that was as close as I could get them. At first they were close but about 3-4mv apart from each other. Too much, I thought so I figured I'd at least try getting them as closely matched to each other at least, but turned out much better and now the amp truly sounds really good for the price paid. This cut down the hum everyone talks about, to at least half so that it's now only realy noticeable when you're not playing. I went to GC to get the Epi. LP Traditional Pro. They didn't have anymore in black like I originaly wanted but,the more I looked at the last one they had at the time in Wine Red, the more beautiful it looked then I sat down with it and played it for only a few seconds before I fell in love with it. Then My eye caught this really cool retro lookin amp so I plugged the guitar I was playing and, planning on buying. All I can say is Wow it's like these two were made to be played together. But, I asked about the owners Manuals for/or paperwork that went with it, (the guitar, or the amp). The salesman said that Epiphone now wanted you to download it online. Well I've yet to find anything like a useful manual anywhere on the internet. If anyone could help Me with a link or anything, or how to go about obtaining these Manuals or at least the proper bias procedure for the amp. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. All very beautiful instruments. I have to say though My personal favorite is the blue Les Paul absolutely stunning. But this based on looks alone, the sound is what would make the biggest difference in one particular ax over the rest. My all around number #1 is My wine red and cream 2014 Les Paul Traditional Pro. It's the only one I own at the time I must admit but, I have owned several guitars Some beautiful and sounded like crap, some looked like crap but sounded good. But this Epi Les Paul with the coil splits is the first guitar I've ever bought off the rack and didn't immediately want to change it. I love the way it plays and sounds as it is from the time I picked it up in the store and played it maybe 15-20 minutes. after about 2 months of playing it everyday I have decided to change all the electronics except the pick-ups. I still don't intend to actually change them but replace everything with better quality parts and wire. Well, and a few magic triks I've learned through. the years working on mine and friends guitars and amps. I'm no real tech, or luthier by any means but more of an amateur hobbyist. Have a good-un. I am planning on building another Strat from scratch, an Eric Clapton "Blackie" clone.
  6. I built one of those and used a nice cedar finger jointed cigar box. I used a 6" car stereo speaker. I also added a jack on the side to plug in a 9 volt wall wart socket or inside was a hook-up for a 9 volt battery so you could use either. you could change the tone by opening or closing the box more or less. The version I built had a gain and a volume control. I gave it to a friend, he absolutely thought it wasawsome, as well as I actually. Amazing the stuff you can find on the internet lol. Who knows maybe this will give somebody else some ideas Have a good'un
  7. I don't know if this would be considered a "toy" amp, but I have Fender Mini Mustang. I love that lil thing for practice and taking out to play outdoors (camping)it can play wide open for about 4 solid hours powered by 6,C batteries. It's the only amp out of 6 that I own that is not a tube amp. The models are very accurate to my ears. My lab pup chewed the tolex on the top corners the day after I got it LOL.I just couldn't be mad at a cute lil chocolate lab pup? Anyway, if Ya get a chance try one out. They are great lil modeling amps and can be run off a wall socket power or 6, C batteries. Have good 'un.
  8. I didn't even get a manual with mine. (Guitar Center for ya) Anyway, can anyone tell methe tube bias procedure for the thing. I went in and adjusted it so that both tubes read the same on the meter ( VOM ). That made a nice difference in the tone by itself. Great looking Radio and guitars, Congrats on the new amp I love mine as well. All help is appreciated in advance. Thank You.
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