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  1. I've been around the web a few times and tried to identify this guitar. It seems there are a lot of members that are full of knowledge. I would appreciate your help. My best guess is a late 40's L48. I looked inside and didn't see a FON anywhere. I didn't have a mirror to see if it was stamped on the backside of the top. Didn't see anything on the neck block either. It's had some things added and replaced. I would like to get back to original. Thoughts on this project? I would most likely take off the D'Armond pickup. It sounds pretty good but I hate having screws in the top of this guitar. I certainly don't like that the jack plug has scuffed up the finish. I might consider leaving pick up and putting the plug in the end. Not sure. Can anyone identify the tuners? I know they aren't original. Thanks for any help.
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