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  1. Thank you for your answer , it was really big help. My Ibanez guitars have heavier gauges than Epiphone and therefore it is not so visible. Great.
  2. But how is with other guitars, are they in tune in different position. If you seat ,lay, hold it or it is on stand? I would like to compare with other Epiphones and Gibsons. Did you tested tune the guitar, put it on the stand and check the tuning again, put it with only body on the chair and check the tuning again? What are your results?
  3. I discovered strange tuning behavior of my new Les Paul Tribute 60 Epiphone. When I tune guitar sitting with it , it is tuned. When I lay guitar on the back side on the chair, some string get out of the tune (little sharp). Is it normal? Did you tried it with yours guitars? It also little change when it is on the stand. //Raff
  4. No it not effect the guitars play-ability at all. The action is working well for me, I am bending quite often but I am also strumming thus not to low and not to high. It is mostly "rough" visual thing. The only one litle lifted 9th fret under the high e string was causing buzzing but I already filit it little down thus I asume it as fixed. The rest of the frets seems to be leveled right. When I strum not so hard it is not buzzing but when I do it in the hard way it buzz little. It is normal I think. I could rise action but than soloing could be more difficult.One thing more is that sometimes G string goes out of the tune, after 15 minutes hard playing . I do not know why but I had the same G string wird beheviour on mine Ibanez guitars. Is it G string vibration frequency doing it?
  5. I contacted them and is no problem to send it back for exchange. But if all tribute models are made i the same factory there is problem that the new guitar can have more flaws than the one I already have /Raff
  6. It will be great if some of you can send photos of the epiphone bindings well finished or at least how it should look. There is a lot of photos of the whole guitar but I could not find any nice Photos of the neck and bindings, so I can compare with mine. Raff
  7. Her neck is so bad finished. The banding was very bad finished. I wonder if it is normal or should I go with her on the Warranty? I am coming from Ibanez world and I never thought before than Gibson have so bad quality control on Epiphone production. //Raff
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