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  1. That truss rod cover looks back to front to me.
  2. Sweet! [thumbup] I bought one almost two years ago and never regretted it.
  3. This dropped, by way of a weekly newsletter, into my inbox this morning and would make a tidy hole in your $10000 https://www.tfoa.eu/en/epiphone-casino-1963.html
  4. Don't feed the troll. I think the big boys were mean to him again over the weekend and all the girls laughed, so he came here looking for attention.
  5. It's nothing to do with Epiphone, he just a troll getting off on the attention. Mommy didn't love him enough or Daddy used to beat him or he was bullied at school or he just feels inadequate because he has no friends. Just ignore him like everybody else in his sad little life does.
  6. Looking good Happy NGD and happy birthday!
  7. http://www.thornguitars.com/gt90pu-htm/gt90pu.htm
  8. http://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/Screws_and_Springs/Truss_Rod_Cover_Screw.html is a good place to start.
  9. It's pretty cruel to mock the afflicted. This poor guy obviously has issues, can you imagine being that sad and lonely?
  10. +1 for the Pro At 53 I feel like a youngster round here I agree with Kidblast to go through a specialist instrument/guitar dealer rather than the generic Amazon. About a year ago I bought a 339 Pro from Thomann in Germany (the biggest online instrument dealer in Europe). When it arrived it had serious fret buzz so I took it to my luthier for a set up. I dropped it off and before I was home he called me to say "this guitar is ****ed!" . Turns out that the neck was twisted like a washcloth that has been rung out! I got straight on to Thomann who could not have been more accommodating and facilitated the return and a replacement within 5 days. The new guitar had obviously been taken out of the box and was perfectly setup. All of which was a hassle but I suspect would have been a lot worse had I been dealing with Amazon. I confess that I'm more of an acoustic guy (especially since I bought a Martin recently) but I've had a lot of fun with my 339 Pro and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Whatever you and your good lady decide on I wish you many happy hours of playing and a very happy 60th birthday!
  11. Seasons greetings to one and all. I'm an infrequent visitor these days - somehow my life has become too hectic. Anyway, I'm about to move into a brand new apartment which has an underfloor heating/cooling system that allegedly maintains a year round temperature of 20 degrees. Does anyone have any experience of a system like this and its effect, if any, on acoustic guitars?
  12. Try and find a local luthier and have him (or her) check it out. Explain that it's a new guitar and under warranty and he will be able to tell you if it should go back or it just needs a good setup. Back at the start of this year I bought an ES339 Pro from Thomann that had a really bad fret buzz, I left it with my luthier and the next day he phoned to say that the neck was actually twisted. I immediately called Thomann and within 7 days I had a brand new guitar. Please don't try and fix it yourself if you're not sure what you are doing, you'll waste a lot of time that would be better spent playing guitar and you will probably void the warranty as well. Best of luck and keep us posted on the outcome.
  13. Try learning her favorite song or one you used to listen to when you were courting, it's amazing how much leeway some of that soppy nonsense can buy you . (Disclaimer: I'm 53 and single again!) Oh, and welcome to the forum.
  14. Jesus Crust? Is it your birthday on the 25th?
  15. I don't understand what the problem is, why do you think it's not legit?
  16. Model and serial number aside, my 2016 ES339 Pro has exactly the same label.
  17. I liked the James Bay Century until I saw the price
  18. DR = Dreadnought AJ = Advanced Jumbo EJ = Epiphone (I think) Jumbo
  19. Probably not what you want to hear but I don't recall ever hearing of anyone successfully repairing an eSonic problem, I think your best bet would be to contact your dealer, is the guitar still under warranty?
  20. For some obscure reason the amount of views is only shown after a reply has been posted. Plenty of videos on YouTube on shaving/sanding down saddles.
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