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  1. Thanks for the comments so far. Let's hope a few more chime in too. I'm in Finland and very few places sell epi's over here and when they do they are usually the hummingbird, texan, etc. No chances of trying either. Haven't found any 2nd hand models around. The one thing that the Aj has going for it is that it is about €100 cheaper at about €450 compared to €544 for the dr500. I think the electronics are better in the dr500 but i just bought an A3 pedal so that should help with the sound plugged in. A Gibson is def out of my price range at the moment. I shouldn't even be looking at a €500 guitar but i would like something different for recording purposes. Pete
  2. Hi guys, I bought an IB 64 Texan a few years back and have been very happy with it. Over xmas i added an Es 339 which i absolutely love. Now i feel the twinge to get a new acoustic and at the moment i'm thinking of getting either the aj45 or the dr500. Neither of these guitars are sold near me so i'm hoping for some advice. I'm fairly sure i'll be happy with either but i was hoping somebody on here who owns both or has played both could give their opinion on the differences and/or preferences. Also how they compare to the Texan as i would like something that sounds different. Thanks in advance, Pete.
  3. No it isn't new. It's been around at least 3 or 4 years and there are some decent clips of it on youtube being compared to the kk mini and others. It seems to get mixed reviews in live settings which is what i want it for so i was hoping for some more thoughts on the subject.
  4. Thanks for the opinions guys. I'm in Europe so i'll probably be ordering with Thomann. The Pelham blue looks absolutely stunning, pity they don't make the pro in that colour. Having said that i think the cherry and the sunburst both look great too. I don't think they even sell the p90 version at Thomann and one of the great features that appeal to me as someone who knows nothing about electrics is the ability to coil tap in the original model. I like the fact that you get some added versatility out of the guitar.
  5. Hi all, Christmas is coming so i guess that means it's time to buy some new gear. I've never owned an electric before so i think it's about time i took the plunge and i've been eyeing the 339. I love the look of the semi hollow and it seems to be a pretty versatile guitar but unfortunately i don't have the option to try it out as none of the music stores over here sell them. Therefore i would be really grateful if people who own one or who have played one could give their opinion on whether it is worthy of consideration. Pros and cons. All apinions would be very welcome, Pete
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has installed the LR Baggs Lyric in their guitar and if so how they have found it? I love the sound of my Texan when I mic it up but those tones vanish when i plug into a PA system. The shadow nanoflex is not a bad system but the piezo sound is what it is. I'm thinking of getting a zoom A3 to help in live situations but i don't know how much that will reduce the piezo quack and the aura is priced ridiculously so isn't an option. Any experiences with the lyric would be greatly appreciated. Obviously it won't be the same as a mic in front of the guitar but i do wonder if it is worth the upgrade. If anyone has an opinion on the A3 that would also be nice to hear. Thanks in advance, Pete
  7. I had the same problem with my Texan and it was driving me crazy cos try as i might i couldn't get it on and i was worried i'd end up damaging the guitar. I just ended up sticking a wide pen through the guitar strap hole and leaving it to stretch enough that i could get it on. Mine is still tight enough that it doesn't come off very easily but you can always get one of those washer thingymajigs if you are worried about it coming off when being played. I think i misunderstood you so ignore my pen stretching advice. If it's just so loose that you are worried it will fall off try one of these thingymajigs, cheap as chips. http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_strap_blocks.htm
  8. I understand you weren't looking to sell it here and i might have guessed you were talking $ but i just asked for the sake of clarity. If it had been €400 i would have said it was a bit steep when you can get a new one for €480 odd. $400 for guitar plus a case seems a fair price to me. I'm sure you'll have no problem moving it.
  9. How about a youtube video from you? You got a decent mic? Would love to hear it.
  10. I guess it depends on what you mean by "half-decent" but i'd say that it is important. Of course your onboard electronics will colour the sound and if that is crap then it probably won't make any difference but that is always going to be a constant. However, even if you don't get a perfect representation of the acoustic sound, if you have a decent pickup you will hear a difference in the sound when you change strings. The trick is finding the perfect strings for you and for the particular guitar. The same strings can sound great on one guitar but terrible on another. I guess at the end of the day it's just a matter of personal preference. I would say that if the venue, guitar, electronics etc is all the same then different strings will effect your sound the most.
  11. Hard to say. They had an estimated date before and then it vanished so your guess is as good as mine. I can't remember the date they advertised before but i'm pretty sure it was either April or May.
  12. In that price range i would say the Texan is a no brainer but having said that i haven't tried the other models so I can't make a comparison. Any chance you can try before you buy?
  13. I bought this guitar about 3 weeks ago and have nothing but good things to say about it. It looks great, sounds great, plays great. The action was perfect straight out of the box which i wasn't necessarily expecting. I also really liked the sound of it plugged in a lot more than any of the other guitars i tried (including guitars that were more than twice the price). The finish one prefers is subjective but i went cherry burst because i thought it looked better, plus they only had that option available where i bought it.
  14. I hadn't even looked at the price in £ before the other day just that the Euro price was stable(it's been just under 500 Euros since i first spotted it). Seems a little unethical that Thomann would up the £ price to anything that isn't reflected by the exchange rate. Like you said, i'm sure their prices are based on the Dollar/Euro rate and prices in other currencies should surely flow from whatever the exchange rate is between the Euro and that other currency. However, your examples seem to scoff at my thought process. Unethical companies, who'd have thunk it :) I take it you get charged whatever the price is when they get the item in stock rather than the price that it's at when you order it? A lot of music companies seem to drop the price to trade when they don't have stock. Can they then up that price once they get the stock unless they have a pre-order price guarantee?
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