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  1. Put some pics of your explorer up here if you can. Love to see it and compare body routes and things.
  2. Great info. Every little bit helps. Looks like factory Kahler to me, so that puts if past 1979 like you said. Also, it has Dirty Finger pickups that date to 1979 and pots from 1980. So maybe, this is a 1980 with custom paint? I dunno.. I also still can't explain the 1976 serial number sticker. I've tried hard to see any possible leftover of a stamped serial number, but it just isn't there. That's really the only little mystery that still bugs me about this guitar. Either way, I'm getting it back into good playing shape and I'll use it and not worry about little things like that. Still a screamin guitar. Thanks for the help!
  3. Thanks for the info! Every little bit is helpful. All signs are pointing to an early 80's Explorer. No idea if it's a Heritage, Korina, etc. But one thing I've noticed is the '76 LE's have the web cutout between the neck pickup and the control cavity. Mine has a wood bridge and a pass through for the neck pickup wires. That's one thing I've zeroed in on. I also think the Kahler and paint seems original Candy Apple Red. Just a gut shot though. Looks like a three piece body and three piece neck. There is not even a faint hint of a stamped serial number on the headstock. Even thought the serial number looks legit, it obviously seems to not be a 1976 guitar. Also, the sticker looks a bit pushed towards the headstock tip compared to others I've seen. Just more random observations.
  4. I'd add pictures of the pickups if I could, but I'm limited on the space I can use. The pickup tops have the "T" embossed into both bobbin covers. The bottom of the pickups are stamped Pat# and date stamp of 1979. I'm only describing the difference between the T-Top and the Dirty Fingers pickups. It is certainly one of those due to the stamp and date code. It's pretty clear they are Dirty Fingers now that I have info that both rows are screws. The gold hardware is in the case. Kahler trem and such. the chrome TOM and stop tail are later changes. I know red wasn't available as well as Kahler, I'm just trying to drill down a bit to see what I actually have here. Kinda fun trying to figure out this mystery. Thanks for the help
  5. Correct, the tuners are replacements. The holes from the 6 inline plate tuners are still there. The pickups are for sure T-Tops, but that could still mean that they are Dirty Finger T-Tops. I'm measure output. That should tell the story. I believe the Dirty Fingers are up in the teens while T-tops are around 8 ohms.
  6. I have a 1976 Gibson Explorer Limited Edition.....I think. Facts are: Red, Kahler Trem, 1979 T-Top pickups, One 1983 control pot (can't see others). short neck tenon, 1976 serial number, looks like factory paint. Pictures will tell the story. Anyone have any ideas, or opinions?
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