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  1. Not to pry, but can I ask what something like that costs? That is just gorgeous.
  2. Would you like to hear a construction joke? Sorry, I'm still working on it.
  3. Way too much. Yard work, Trash out, Helped Deb inside, Walked Sundance in the neighborhood, Turned off the sprinkler system and got some reading done. About 8:30 now.
  4. At first I thought Sgt was talking about Yoko Ono. She sings about like my 2nd oldest sister. Had to go back and listen to this gal. She's cute. Not really that bad, I've heard way worse.
  5. You must still be working Steve? Lots of cash flowing in. Haha
  6. Welcome aboard Corey. Nice guitar.
  7. Congrats Sgt. Thats a beautiful guitar there.
  8. Beautiful Steve. Love the wood grain with the burst around it.
  9. Oh, thanks. I do like the looks of Poi Dogs.
  10. Interesting, It does look like a cross between a Banjo and something else. Hawaiin made? That explains it. I'll stay with the acoustic brands they have now.
  11. Haha, Actually I only play with 3 different tunnings so Then I told her, It's not true, that all guitars sound the same. So I need different tones. The Vintage Jaguar to play just surf songs and so forth. Lol.
  12. We had No Hunting signs everywhere on the fence line at our farm in SD. Pheasants were everywhere the few times we went up there. Hunters not only violated the signs, they broke into the house many times and stole all the brass beds and whatever they wanted. We knew it was hunters because the idiots left us a letter on the dinning room table telling us they were. Since no one lived there daily, they got away with it. Post signs that say," Long hair freaky hunters will all be shot on sight. " See if that helps. Lol
  13. Hmmm? A 5 year old guitar, without strings in 10 Dog years? The only thing that makes since to me? Haha.
  14. I bought 4 guitars from them. The 12 string had a wrapped neck which they took back and gave me a new one without any problems. Employees do seem to come and go a lot. Many have no clue whats going on. So I gave them up. They do have the best selections in both Electric and acoustic. Nothing is roped off or locked up here though. I can play which ever one I want without asking. I still like Dietze, better and they will let me take home any guitar I want and try it out. They just couldn't produce my last guitar and since GC had one, I had to go with them.
  15. I dated 3 girls at once, None knew I dated the other two. I ended up marrying one and on our honeymoon, she asked; "Why did I get just 6 roses?" I told her because I gave the other 6 to the other gal. "That was before I decided I liked you best!" All was well. Lol
  16. Hope it arrives, By the way, congrats Sgt. I'd like to see it.
  17. I heard those 3 words twice, but it was a lie. Had to forsake my favorite guitar shop for Guitar Center.
  18. Heh, I do really like that one! I can see playing the Munster theme on that one, Haha.
  19. We have Reagan all day tomorrow. 3 years old and she is a doll. When she was one, she was totally frightened of our Doberman, and now they are best friends. I got the yard all cleaned today, chipped my front tooth somehow? So back to the dentist again.
  20. You got it, Thats how I got the 9 guitars I have now. See, You just have to use ingenuity. Deb says I'm very creative and here's what I tell her. "You need multiple guitars for different songs. Just like the pros on stage. Ever notice how they grab different guitars for different songs? Many songs require different tunings and I don't have the time to retune for each different song. So I told her, Thats why I need to put one on the rack and grab another one. So I play the intro to American Woman with my Ovation, and set it down and pick up an Electric and play the next part." Then if you play Rocky Mountain Way, You need another electric guitar already tuned for that song. Heh, It works for me!
  21. Really, Ovation? When I was a teen, I had a Ovation 12 string that I just loved and played all the time. When I retired from BNSF RR I bought a $100.00 Fender acoustic and played the crap out of it. Sold it for $100.00 about 3 to 4 years later and bought a Ovation Celebrity Plus with a Koa Burst top. Yeah, I can't complain about the tone. I pretty much keep it D-Tuned for when I play American Woman. The introduction part.
  22. I would love it also, I always have loved the Gibson name. I'm very lucky I got the Gold Top as cheap as I did. That was one in a million. After I retired and just happened to walk in GC at the right moment, There was no way I was going to pass on it. When I got home, I had some explaining to do but I told Deb who herself loves a great deal, I just got a $4,500.00 guitar for $1,400.00 and I wasn't going to walk away from that. Besides, I told her; "I gave up around 13 guitars when I married her and Drag Racing so she can just turn her head if she didn't like it. She was all for the guitar and no problems.
  23. It's supposed to be stupid jokes, The dumbest joke I ever heard was this. "Want to hear a dirty joke?" "A kid fell in the mud."
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