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  1. Deb & I watched our 2 grandkids from 8:30 to 4:00. We took both to their first tennis ball lessons, which was an hour. Then went home, and out to Sonic to feed them. That's where they wanted to go. Came home to watch, Jungle Book 2. I never knew that they made a 2nd one. Then for more entertainment, I had them both come outside to the table and had them clean all 138 sockets I had Lol. Greyson did the Standard set while Reagan did the Metrics. They had a ball! See? "You don't Have to buy little kids lots of toys to have a great time. "
  2. Very nice, I'm a dog person to and have had a dog ever since I was one year old. His name? No clue what it was Lol and no idea when he died but I do remember a ton of dogs. Before Sundance now, we had a Hound. he was my shadow. Of course, this one is too. I love that hound in your avatar! Nice looking.
  3. Mine is a 2007 but I could not let it pass when I saw it in GC right after I retired from the RailRoad. I got a fantastic price on it being a Standard with 60's neck.
  4. Thanks, I wrote down the name. You never see them here of course and I will tell my Mom what they are. Knowing her, They will still be Little Boy Flowers Lol. I think you can guess why?
  5. My God! Is that what it costs today? What happened to the $25.00 price per wheel of the 70's?
  6. Well, It wasn't today but yesterday my wife surprised me big time. She said to me, "Come On with me, we're going shopping." We went to several places and she was looking at very large tool chests. So I was beating around looking at some also. Haha, She was looking at the expensive ones while I was looking at the cheap ones. Then she told me, She was sick and tired of my old tool chest. ? It's an antique! I had it since 1970 and it is full of my tools I used in my race car days. My Uncle gave me most of them from the Air Force and I added with all the metric tools. Then she told me she was more tired with all the tools I have in our house and my tool chest has dried grease all over the top and bottom & she didn't want to bump up against it. It's not that bad, plus I store my hearing aids in one drawer thats lined when I'm mowing or using power tools. Well, mine is about a $200.00 chest, and in the end, she spent over $1,200.00 for a very large tool chest for me to put every thing in it very neatly so I can find where things are. LOL. She bought liners for each drawer and was going to order socket holders marked for each size. First she asked how many sockets I had? I said, "Hold on and I'll run out and count them?" I came back in and said, "138" "Forget that, she said, That will cost m a fortune." So I'll clean my top tray, paint it red to match the Craftsman tool chest and use it for just my sockets. What a great wife I have. Guess this is my Fathers Day present?
  7. I love those red flowers there. I forgot the name of them and they are common in Hawaii. My mom calls them a little Boy Flower Lol.
  8. Love the guitars and your place. Hawaii is a great place, but too expensive to live there for our tastes.
  9. I really liked those Gold Tops!
  10. I know what you mean! I went to bed at 12:00 midnight. I guess I fell asleep in 5 minutes Deb said. That is when she got up because of severe storms. High winds, 90 mph they claimed knocked down many limbs, trees and debris all over. It took the power out from 1:00 to 3:30 this afternoon. Like Sgt. Shultz on Hogan's Heroes, "I Heard Nothing." I woke up at 3:30am to pee and pitch black. I could not see anything. Trying to make my way to the restroom, I was hitting walls, knocked down a framed picture, stumbled over something on the floor, then ran into the dresser, Haha. Deb heard me hitting everything in the bedroom and came up with the light on her phone. There wasn't even moon light due to dark cloud cover.
  11. Yes, for sure, we used to email each other to.
  12. Some extremely nice old guitars there Steve. I should have kept mine way back instead of selling them all. Gosh they would be 65 years old now. Haha.
  13. What a lot of nice amps, BBP. How many guitars do you have? If I can ask?
  14. I hate going to the doctor now these days. He told me these question and answers were from Medicare who require doctors to do them. Actually I don't think he really enjoyed doing it anymore than I had to do it. He knows me and my history. But he said, he was required to do it for Medicare. Not my Physicians insurance. Yeah, I thought the whole thing was stupid. And even Trump said he was asked to count backwards from 7's and he couldn't do it. They had a whole page on questions but I wasn't asked on them all. I wonder if Medicare is looking for signs on dementia? But what difference would that make? Still you need your prescriptions. My long term memory is better than my short term. I know when I used to play chess that I could think in my mind 13 moves ahead for me and my appointment in 3 different variations. That's how I could beat Chess experts above an A rating. But I can still remember those 3 words they told me to remember days later. Banana, Sunset & Chair. So I must still be ok? Haha.
  15. Guitar Center had a Hummingbird way back but I can't remember what they were asking for it? Way more than I had at the time Haha.
  16. Oh, thanks. I just caught a glimpse of it at the end and Debbie didn't listen to the news as she was on her computer.
  17. Great to have you back posting again and even if you don't play anymore, that doesn't matter.
  18. Happy belated 65th Birthday, BBP. You have some nice amps there! I love your ES-335 also. I just had a visit at the doctors yesterday, now medicare requires a bunch of questions and answers. I was asked to count backwards from 100 by 7,s. I told him sure, give me a pen and paper and I might have to think about some? Then I said, How about the firing order on a chevy engine? (the same as a chrysler.). 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. Haha, I told him that I remembered that from the 70's when I drag raced. Then they told me to remember 3 words. Banana, Sunset & Chair. They asked me what those words were twice through the appt. I still remember them. This was just for a refill of scripts for another year.
  19. As a teen, I used to love Bruce Lee, or rather his martial arts. My cousin and I practiced Kung Fu, Karate and Jiu Jitsu all the time. More so Bruce Lees style. I was heart broken when he died.
  20. I saw that. Didn't they say that he was wrongly charged after all those years in prison?
  21. Did a camera tape him committing the crimes? I'm not saying he did not do it. I used to love watching all sorts of crime shows and detective ones. They had some really good ones that threw the audience off. Yeah, it sounds like he is the one alright, but according to our laws, It's innocent until proven guilty.
  22. True, Want to hear something funny? Way back when I was showing Dobermans, we went up to Minnesota to a National Doberman show. Thousands of Dobies, anyway it was in winter and lots of snow and ice. My brand new, just bought it ford van which we loaded up some Dobermans in the back in crates would not start the next morning. After the show and on the way home. 2 guys were drinking beer in the back, can after can. One guy had his wife on board and the other his girlfriend. Both Steve & Mark kept telling me to pull over so they could take a leak besides the van as a windbreaker. Eventually, stop after stop the girls got fed up with both. They again said, Pull over. When both got out and unzipped, the girls said drive down ahead a half mile. I chuckled and said, OK. So I drove ahead down the interstate leaving both outside peeing along the interstate and they had to run ahead after a ton of cars drove by honking at they laughing. Haha, After that, Not One Drop Of Beer the rest of the way home. Yep, It was below zero and they both froze. They didn't have coats.
  23. Oh, Yeah, I would not mess with the frets and things like that. I see where you are coming from. The length of time is ridiculous too. Do you have other guitar luthier's there? I have never taken a guitar to one yet. Before I came aboard here, I never even changed strings. Rabs has helped me do everything I have done so far. I now do all my own setups. I even bought a kit to do them. Good luck M E.
  24. Yes, I would call a guy who is excellent someone who does the entire guitar right. Someone who misses at any point is not excellent. We use to lose race after race because of fuel pump diaphragms that kept reversing on us and we ran out of gas before the end of the quarter mile. That was not excellent. We went with a different setup, and we won those races. Same deal.
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