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  1. My apology then Jim, I was joking around too but thought you were calling me a liar.
  2. Yep! Actually I could if I wanted to bad enough, But I just got a new SUV recently in Dec. so I'll hold off awhile. See how this year goes for awhile first. I just sent a hearing aid back for a new one. I think when I fell in the basement hitting the back of my head & the right one popped out, it did something. It goes on and off a lot.
  3. I just got 2 emails today on Mesa / Boogie. I listened to a couple of different guys playing the amps. One I liked.
  4. I never even heard of 7's until now. I use 9's & 10's on my guitars. 9's on the ones I bend alot. It's easier for me to put 9's on just 2 guitars that I love to bend and 10's on the rest. I can't see going any lighter than 9"s.
  5. Have you ever watched the old TV series, "Guns of Will Sonnet" Jim? Walter Brennan used to tell them how fast he was, Well here I claim; "No Brag, Just Fact."
  6. Thanks Sgt. Not sure about Jim here though? Haha.
  7. LOL, Do You Really Want To see It Mate? Don't know about the rest of the guys here? HaHa.
  8. Unhappy Sergeant: Sergeant Wilson was appalled to discover that ten of his men were late arriving back at camp following their leave. As he waited impatiently at the camp gates, one of his men finally ran up to him, panting heavily. "Sorry, sir, I can explain," said the soldier. "This better be good," responded his sergeant. So the soldier told Sergeant Wilson his story. "Sir, you see I had a date and it ran a little late. I ran to catch the bus but I missed it. So I hailed a cab but it broke down. I managed to find a farm where I bought a horse but it dropped dead on me. In the end I had to run 10 miles but I am here now." Sergeant Wilson was skeptical about the soldier's explanation but at least he'd made it back to camp. The sergeant thought about it momentarily and then decided he'd let the soldier off this time. A couple minutes later, eight more of Sergeant Wilson's men ran up to the camp gates, panting heavily. The sergeant demanded explanations for why they were all late and each one of them all told the exact same story. Sergeant Wilson eyed them all suspiciously but since he'd decided to be lenient with the first soldier, he decided that it would only be fair to excuse them all too . A few minutes later, the tenth and final soldier came running up to the camp gates, panting heavily. "And where have you been?" Snapped Sergeant Wilson. The soldier quickly responded, "sorry sir, you see I had a date and it ran a little late. I ran to catch a bus but missed it. So I hailed a cab but....." Sergeant Wilson interrupted him immediately, "Let me guess soldier, It broke down?" "No sir," said the soldier, "There were so many dead horses in the road it took forever for the cab driver to find a way around them all!" Haha.
  9. I should have bought a Lucille way back when I had the chance. Deb told me for my Birthday, I could get any guitar in the store. Dietze had a new Gibson Lucille in black hanging on the wall. I played it and then played most of the other ones they had hanging and couldn't get over a Gretsch Streamliner I played. Still have that one.
  10. Not bad at all. I should go back to the Railroad, They're making, "Welders," $59,125. now. I could buy more guitars.
  11. I'll give you a plus anyway. I hesitated about posting that joke, I thought about it for the last 7 years now and couldn't resist it when the wild pigs came up on the thread.
  12. Not here yet Jim....I'm 67 and will be 68 in April and I'm still a Stud! At least my wife tells me that all the time. She talks to a lot of women and says that's very unusual, most women have to pump up their husbands on viagra, Lol.
  13. Guess Sundance, still limps after a jar of meds from the vet. He will have to go back again.
  14. Now you got me thinking about dinner. 🙄
  15. It was my wife's parent's motor home. Ok, Deb and I sat down discussing for hours how in the world did they ever find out. Impossible right? The only thing we could come up with was that "Darn Pig Squealed On Us!" Lol. Sorry Evans, I was hopping I'd get more bites. It's an old joke our teacher got on the whole class at Johnson College in Kansas about 30 years ago.
  16. That is a beautiful guitar. Love the yellow. The low E looks appropriate but the high E looks too close to me. A new Nut? Yes, I would take it to a Luthier for his opinion. Good luck.
  17. About 20 years ago, Deb & I were in Arkansas with a motorhome. We rented a car to drive around while the motorhome was at the camp site. One night we went to one of those cowboy chuck wagon feeds where they sing to you after your done eating. On the way back to the camp site late at night something ran out in front of the car and I hit it. Pulling over to take a look, I hit a Wild Boar. The road was deserted with just us on it. We drove on and came to a small town with a gas station that was closed. I got out to examine the rental car for damage and it just had a bit of blood on it, and no damage at all, Good deal, Deb thought I should call the police so they could remove the dead pig so no one else hits it. They wanted our name, address and home ph number to send a bill for its removal fee. At that, I hung up and never said a word, Drove back, next day we returned the rental car and went back home. 6 months later we get a letter from Arkansas and Deb opened it. It was a bill from the police department for several hundred bucks to remove a dead pig from their roads. Now, How did they ever find out? We know how they found out but do you know?
  18. That's very nice of you Sparky. Looks good to.
  19. I have a friend who's dad restores Indian Bikes from basket cases to Original ShowRoom condition, He goes over them in complete detail making every nut bolt and screw exactly as original. They are gorgeous when done and he puts them in shows. Yeah....If you ride? I never owned a bike, Had a bad experience on a couple as a kid.
  20. Happy New Year Farnsbarns. Hope you have good health too amidst all this Covid.
  21. That must have been his cousin, I shot the real one 30 years ago, Haha. Seriously, I was 16 when the Apollo11 crew landed on the moon July 20, 1969. We were all glued to the black & white TV we had then and watched as much of the mission as possible from takeoff to landing and back to Earth. It was pretty cool watching it. They took a photo of the Earth on that mission if I remember and it was round back then.
  22. I would get the last laugh and tell them, For an example: $600.00 in hand is better than $700.00 that Fly Away. Haha.
  23. Nope! I never make them. Last year however, I told my wife that I wouldn't trade off my Saturn Vue, and she did in fact trade it off for a Subaru Ascent. Haha, She claimed it was nickel and dimming us to death. (No, thats what getting new $3,000.00 License plates does) Nickel & Dime you. My Saturn plates were like $20.00
  24. Careful, careful Jim, No Politics allowed.
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