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  1. Does Gibson or anybody plan on putting out another signature series angus young sg ? Been trying to find one ,and they are nowhere to be found? Thanks for any information. Jerry.
  2. Yes, you need a bridge that has more travel room , there are plenty out there , I think Barber makes one and many other . That’s where I would start good luck ....
  3. I think I would be more concerned that all the saddles are slammed down or bottomed out ....
  4. Wow they didn’t even try to make the fretboard look ebony !
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  6. Ok, got mine today it has 10-46 on it and I must say its on par with my Gibson Sg 61 reissue hard to believe but true sounds amazing !!
  7. that would be my guess also I just have not seen it listed anywhere thanks.
  8. Anybody know what gauge strings these guitar come stock with ??
  9. Trust me be happy you found one that works for you and your not crazy there is a big problem that people don't want to talk about , but after paying that kind of money for a guitar you should not have to wait anytime for a problem to go away there should not be one to begin with !!!!!!
  10. look a all the posts under same thing in the les paul section you will see mind as well
  11. The static noise on the back of the neck will not go away with any noise reduction pedal or noise gate and it seems louder with less gain the volume on the guitar will not help either ins in the the finish of the guitar not ground not pickup the nitro finish it self I read about a guy that sanded his neck to bare wood to get rid of this problem , which is way over the top for a brand new USA made guitar there is a major problem here no easy fix I had to buy a 2001 to have a Gibson without this problem good luck !
  12. I have tried many different stores same problem every where I went ,don't think it's a store thing it's a clear coat thing my guess there using something different in there Niro mix !
  13. This problem is not a store state or temp control issue its a problem with whatever Gibson is using in there finish ( nitro) maybe mixed with something other than what they used before? Not sure but it is a globe issue that no one seems to want to talk about or do anything about like I said before after 4 going through 4 new gibbons I got a 2001 Sg 61 reissue and no more problem . It's to bad Gibson or anyone else wants to deal with this big problem !!!
  14. Went through the same problem with my Gibson Sgs I had a 04 standard for years no problem, but sold it a few years back then I bought a 2013 Sg standard big time static off the neck, after a year I sold it bought then bought the Gc 2014 Sg standard 61 with the split coil went through 4 of these every one had that static bad tried every new Gibson in local Gc Lloyd have the same issue bad lps std Sg Ext...so got my money back and bought a 2001 Gibson Sg 61 reissue NO PROBLEMS at all . So all I know for sure is from 2004 back this is not a issue but it sure is now , under the current state I wou
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