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  1. No one out there have one of these, really? Wow, that makes it a bit more valuable regardless of the mods. Cool!
  2. If you are still looking go to Reverb.com Loads of new and used guitars and equipment for sale. Look under Archtop or hollow body. A good way to get an idea of current pricing on new and used and visuals of all the different brands and models.
  3. Truss rod adjust. The neck was slightly bowed. Now all is perfect.
  4. Nice. How was your guitar on arrival? Did you have to take it in for a set up or was it playable out of the box? I had to take mine in to have the neck set and a couple of frets polished. After that a great playing guitar. 2014 Teaburst
  5. Back in the late 70's I had to learn and play Two tickets to Paradise. My guitar gently weeped.
  6. I recently acquired the Epi ES335 Pro. When shopping I also looked at the Sheraton. Aside from a bit more pearl inlays what are the differences. Seems to be the same item just different trim. No slams intended just curious as to the differences. Has anyone had a hands on of both to make a comparison? Spec wise they seem the same.
  7. RCT, It was the Shady Lane. Huge barn of a structure in the middle of nowhere. Ever been there?
  8. RCT, I'll have to get back to you with the name, I know it was near Frenchtown. The waste, a terrible thing to mind, as it goes. Al
  9. In 78/79 we were playing at a club on the west side of Jersey, in the sticks, but popular with the Pennsy crowd. Place was huge and would have four bands playing at a time in shifts. I remember one night all 4 bands played Rocky Mountain way. You'd think the crowd would be upset. Nope, they rocked out for each rendition. Ours was the best of course...... just sayin.
  10. At the moment I have several guitars, some new some owned since the 70's. Along the way others have come and gone for one reason or another. The two guitars that have endured are my 68 Melody Maker and my 72 Les Paul Deluxe. both are Gibson and both have been modified thru the years as needed to suit. I still use the LP as my most often reached for regardless of music style. At the present I'm leaning towards Jazz and slide Blues. The L.P. just has the nicest feel and fits any style. For more traditional Jazz work I'll go to my archtop, for jazz/blues I'll pick up my Epi ES-335, for good ole R&R the Melody Maker, but the LP works for all.
  11. Thanks Jay. The guard is a match to the original, just black instead of white. Hard to believe no one else has one. I know they made this particular configuration for a couple of years in the late 60's.
  12. My style of "hot rod" fast in the straight and the twisties. 2008 Lotus 2-11. 2013 ST-2 class winner.
  13. Nah, it's obviously an ES-175 Jr.
  14. Normal week goes like this, 1 hour in the morning before work. 45 minutes at lunch. 2 to 3 hours after work if nothing is going on or just too tired to make it worthwhile. Then 2 to 3 hours Friday thru Sunday in the early morning if at home. I work a 4 day 40 hour work week schedule. Yes it's a lot but I'm trying to make up for lost time and I'm not getting any younger. Oh, and 80% of that is practice. I noodle occasionally to break up the routine.
  15. Forgot to mention, and just to add to the miasma.....There is a shop in New Jersey called Guitars N' Jazz, (yes I know it's a bit out of reach), that has one of the best selections of middle to upper range Jazz guitar inventory around. The proprietor, Lou, can be very helpful and is most knowledgeable on the subject. Check out their website to take a look at what is available and get an idea of pricing. There is also a gent in the U.K. that goes by the moniker "archtopheaven" on the JGF forum I mentioned earlier who could help you in locating the guitar of your dreams over on your side of the pond. He is in the U.K. Still a bit of the wet stuff inbetween but not nearly as much as the first gent.
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