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  1. I found the tuners to be a good idea and you can still tune manually with them still, must say though that with the 2015 I hate the new wider neck and lower frets, the brass nut is ok, nice for easy adjustment.
  2. Synns

    Show us your SG's

    Here's my 2005 SG standard with my 1992 les Paul standard.
  3. Don't mind the new brass nuts, nice and easy to adjust. Hate the new wider necks though.
  4. My advice would be try one before you buy, I really dislike the new wider neck, I brought a junior with minimal time spent with the new necks and after using for a month I hate it. So I'm getting rid and will be on the hunt for an older junior instead.
  5. I currently use Dunlop totex 1.14mm (purple ones) as for metal ones I do like them but I'm always scared of the damage they can do with any stray picking ( rip up the paintwork in no time) .
  6. Yeh it sounds lovely, having the tune o matic bridge makes a difference aswell, gibson did a really good job on the mm this year I recommend getting one if the opportunity arises. Just managed to get myself a 2014 melody maker aswell, so really happy with that.
  7. 10-46, don't know why the slinkys didn't like me, I must have super acid sweat :) but don't seem to get the same issues with the D'Addarios
  8. I love my 2003 MM an absolute hidden gem, all gibson fans should have one of these in there collection. The 2003 was abit of a different take on the theme but its a real gem.
  9. I used EB slinkys for a while but they used to go dead very quick for me and so I was forever snapping my high E, swapped to D'Addarios and haven't looked back since.
  10. I use D'Addario XL 10-46 on all my gibsons and my strat.
  11. I love my 2003 melody maker, ive been thinking about getting one of the 2 pickup versions myself. Nice basic guitar, love them though I do prefer the nice full size headstock on the newer ones.
  12. That is awsome, you've managed to put two of my passions together. Good job. In regards to modding, my american strat has tended to be my mod machine. It's pretty standard now but over the yrs it's gone full van halen Classic and back and the good thing with a strat is the mods are not only easily reversible but I can keep them on the scratch plate and swap and change plates as my mood takes. Also considering swapping the g force tuner out on my 2015 junior ( a minor mod) and swapping my les Paul pickups out for some alnico pro 2 ( I'm a big slash fan)
  13. This is my little collection. My 1992 les Paul standard, my 2003 melody maker and my 2015 junior. This is another shot of my 92 les Paul
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