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  1. I did this to my Les Paul and it works great. I am out of town until next week. I will post some pics of the final product.
  2. I play Jazz through my Roland JC-50, and with my Dean hollowbody. I dont use any effects or pedals. I just goes through the amp.
  3. I had a set of GFS pickups in my Les Paul. They were too close to the stock Epi pickups. I would go with some Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers or 59s
  4. I put gfs pickups in my LP and i made a video about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LdUs_cFrAU judge for yourself
  5. Send the Riviera to me and I will test it out for you and let you know how to work it. lol I believe that the middle pickup is always on, but that is just a guess.
  6. It is a nice little amp and for $150 it was a deal. I like the sound but as BeatleNut says it takes a little tweaking to get the sound I want but it is not hard to find a good tone with either of my acoustics. I like that it has a simple control panel. I will be using it when playing with my cousin who has an Fender Acoustasonic. I do not claim that it will be as nice as the Fender but I don't feel that the Crate would sound like crap in comparison.
  7. Looks like a great deal to me...... NOT. I feel bad for the 14 year old kid who is duped into buying this crap.
  8. P-93 or Casino for me. I like the LP chrome but I could get a normal LP custom and add the parts myself.
  9. I picked up a Crate CA30DG today to use with my Gibson CL-20+.
  10. Yes reporting them is much faster than tracking them down at home and punching them in the face.
  11. and that is something that many people just don't get. they buy the name not the feel
  12. I have one on my LTD SC-200. They are good but for looks when the strap is not on go with normal strap locks.
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