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  1. Best wishes to all! Happy pickin'!
  2. So why did Robert Keely (The pedal guy, right?) yell at you?
  3. If you want furniture I have seen armoires hogged out with some sort of rack to hold the guitars upright and secure. Some of them look amazing.
  4. Rest in peace Tom. And peace and love to all of you that suffer today. I am off to play Breakdown very loudly with an electric guitar.
  5. Sure. I get that. A soundport in a J-45 is like durian fruit. If you're ever in the neighborhood stop on by. It sounds clearer and more open. It feels more connected and intimate. The guitar really draws me in.
  6. I had a soundport cut in mine but it was for an explicit reason: I prefer the sound of a J-45 being played in front of me rather than what I would hear by playing the same guitar. "That" was the sound I wanted to hear. I am deeply happy with the modification and it exceed every expectation. Go figure, huh?
  7. Em7, your description of terrified guitars is brilliant. I wish I could have said that.
  8. No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels guilty. I think the real value here is that you shared that deforestation in Brazil increased 30% in 12 months!
  9. As a motorcyclist I see comparisons in the motorcycle industry. It's all pseudoscience so value it accordingly. Since the housing market crashed credit has been harder to get. This has very nearly closed the door to entry-level riders. It's a trickle. The market reacted. Now there are very low priced people movers with small motors. They are built cheaply, to run cheaply, just like in Europe and Southeast Asia. They're priced to lure in riders with the promise of cheap transportation with a little pizzazz. They hope to sell them in bulk. But in the high end market the bikes have hit and passed
  10. That works for you. It doesn't work for everyone.
  11. It sounds like semantics and hyperbole to me. I read a lot of "Yay Gibson" but very little that I can quantify in musical terms. It's all forest for the trees to me.
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