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  1. Just something about a black SG that's so awesome.. Beautiful guitar... Here's a shot of some of mine, maybe I need a black one too
  2. Not my cup of tea, but he is an excellent player. I only got 2 out of 10
  3. I will probably be flamed for my response, but I have a couple of pair of original PAF's, and maybe it's just to my ears, but in my humble opinion, they cannot be beat, no matter what Gibson they're in.. If the question were refined to ask, what recent offerings I considered best, I would side with the Burstbucker Pro's, they're outrageous..
  4. let these guys refinish it, check out their work... http://mjtagedfinishes.com/
  5. This is the one I just bought...
  6. Na, that's the first one... It's a Standard Premium Plus
  7. I have a late 2012 Les Paul Premium Plus with the compound radius fretboard, and I wanted a backup. Going in what I saw in the 2012 literature, I bought another one only to find out the literature did not apply to the early models, so I got beat".. Live and learn.. It's still a really good looking guitar though.
  8. Well, I got off the phone with the Gibson customer service desk, and they had absolutely no answer to my question, after 30 minutes of discussion. I was told to use the "talk to us " email and ask there. After a few days the email came back with bad news, it's a typical 12" radius, not compound radius. Damn shame, I was hoping for more..
  9. I must agree with the assessment, the wood is GORGEOUS...
  10. Thanks guys for the replies, in the description, it says Modern weight relief, I don't think it's chambered, but I will find out. I think I am going to leave it alone for a while, and play the crap out of it.. I just got a Mesa Electra-Dyne combo, should make quite the pair
  11. It was Ebay item number 251930661913 I just realized your location, I have been there MANY times, spent summers down in Wangen, and Lindau.. Great times
  12. Card says LPSTD+DBCH1
  13. The guitar in question has the Neutrik jack, no push pull pots, but has Burst Buckers.. Clearly shows the Gibson card, with the date, and serial number.. Really weird. I think I have to keep calling Gibson
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