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  1. When did Gibson started using the "pre-pack checklists" and "Certificates of Authenticity"? I mean this: http://www.acefrehleylespaul.com/ACE_127__16_.jpeg
  2. I got my self a Macbook with a Firewire port, that is the main studio laptop I use, however, I want to buy a new white Macbook, but they now lack of firewire port. I'd like to use it sometimes to record, but since it has no firewire, I'd like to get a firewire-usb adapter, can I do this and still use it with no problem to record, playback and use ProTools correctly, etc.? Has anyone done that?
  3. Nice guitar, I own a 68' Gibson ES330 with block inlay, very similar.
  4. My first electric was also an Special II, I sold it a few years ago and now I'm trying to retrieve it for my small collection, it will definitely make a nice piece of history on my wall.
  5. Maybe it's part of real relic'ing or aging.
  6. That nice, hope you have a long career ahead.
  7. I'd save a little more money and buy the Gibson Special. If your sure to buy it then do it, I've played them and I love the tone you get from them when you switch PU's, perhaps some Duncans or Gibsons.
  8. I also think it is quilted, I've seen a few before. They look amazing, yours is not an exception- +1
  9. It would be weird having him in "Friends" and then in Harry Potter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0NU8JOZSsw Besides playing the guitar he seems to play the oboe too.
  10. Nice info for someone who's looking for a custom PU.
  11. Hey! Welcome to Gibson Forums! Your guitar, if the same as the picture, looks really nice. Are you sure it is a one-piece body? I also thought that on several Epi's I've owned but I realised that they are very well glued, you can hardly see the joints on the back but you can see them very clearly below (if it is a trans back). Perhaps your model is not, has not been and won't be listed on Epiphone's website, there are dozens of models that never get listed there. Congrats for your purchase!
  12. Por cierto, las Les Paul Studio blancas sí vienen con herrajes dorados, depende el modelo, a mi en lo personal en color blanca con herrajes dorados no me gusta, pero las vino con dorado son preciosas.
  13. No puedo ver tu foto, asi que no puedo ayudarte. ¿De qué país eres?
  14. I'd wait a little bit longer and get a Gibson Sg Special or something. You can find some used ones for +$200 in pretty good shape.
  15. I own a Peavey Limited ST, amazing guitar. For me it's better than most Fenders and price is not too high, good manufacture, colors, hardware and are very comfortable at the neck joint. I love it, I have my Les Paul and the Peavey.
  16. Good pics would be good to determine if it is a fake. Also check serial number (not the number itself but how it is stamped), logo, hardware, etc.
  17. I don't think it's a value decreaser as long as are good quality parts and a good job is done. If it is a vintage I'd leave it like it is, though. Otherwise then experiment.
  18. That's right, they take all part away and sell them in different auctions, several sellers do it.
  19. How about pickups? Ebony fretboard instead of rosewood? Are inlays acrylic (STD are acrylic)? Fret size? Neck profile? I'm not sure, but perhaps tuners are also different. That's all I can guess.
  20. I had a PRS Mira, amazing guitar. I prefer LP though, so I had to sell it.
  21. Put the string in the hole, then just take some duck tape or similar and hold the string's end to the tailpiece, then wind.
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