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  1. At moment for me it's this, my 2014 LP Custom Pro Had the pups and everything under the hood replaced last month and it's great, the bridge pup is vintage Gibson which was in an 80's strat I bought in 1997, the neck pup is a boutique build '59 built by Jaime at The Creamery in Manchester, had a push/pull split fitted for that
  2. Had a similar problem recently with a 2002 Epi LP when I went to fit new pups, turned out the pole widths were all over the place on the Epi, 47mm at neck I went for a plan B and fitted the 50mm pups to a different Epi LP, the guy who does all my electrical work had an old set of Gotto pups, probably from a Tokai, and fitted these to the mutant Epi, these were much closer to the weird measurements Re your choice of SD/DM, I was using a boutique builder here in the UK for the neck pup and before I fitted it to the other LP he offered to rebuild to fit the spec of the mutant guitar. Two US boutique builders I've bought from are Jason Lollar and Lindy Fralin, if you're in US you could contact them to ask if they'd build to spec
  3. Apologies for starting a new thread when there's a pickguard one still on the first page After customising two Epi LP's last month, I had a thread on here re weird pole widths on one of the guitars, I've decided to make changes to my Epi '56 LP. One of the things I'm looking to change is the white pickguard to black but when I look online it only appears to be Gibson ones which specifically state will not fit an Epiphone. I'm wondering what the difference is re the P90's, placement or whatever Also, does anyone know where I can get a black pickguard which will fit a 2014 Epi '56 LP, I'm in UK, I have two websites, one UK and one US, which will build to order but this is trebling the cost of an off the shelf replacement. As bespoke P90's will be added, new switches, pots and wiring and a trem fitted a black replacement which I don't have to have bespoke built would be appreciated but not essential as the bespoke option is there, just fishing to see if there's any other options
  4. Guitars came back today and all's well now Vintage Gibson pup in bridge of the Epi LP Custom Pro, the '58 boutique build in neck, the guy doing the work found an old set of Gotoh humbuckers in his shed, 50mm/47mm, overwound, and put those into the older Epi LP I'll link to some photos once I put them online
  5. Tried to upload photos but it's not playing nice, also emailed Epiphone re the pickups and no reply, reassuring I also own an Epi LP Custom Pro and have had the pickups fitted to that instead, both guitars are being returned to me tomorrow and we'll see whether it's worked out ok
  6. I don't have the guitar/parts, the guy who does all my work has them all at the moment and he doesn't live in the same city as me, he's going to try to bring them in tomorrow to show me the issues Re the guitar, I bought it second hand in 2004 from the manager of a hifi shop in my city, he'd bought it new from the music shop next door to them, I think the staff from both went next door to spend their wages. I actually gave it to my cousins teenage daughter last year but asked her for it back as a swap for my Epi LP Custom Pro silverburst so she now has that. I also have the Epi LP Std '56 Pro which I think is the pick of the bunch, the C neck and P90's make it the best straight out of the box guitar I've ever owned, imo
  7. I have a 2002 (ish) Epiphone LP, it has no model markings, from current models I'd assume a LP Std PlusTop Pro as it has a beautiful flame top, wine coloured, and having a major problem fitting a new pickup I had a boutique build done last year for a replacement humbucker for an 80's strat I own, when buying it in the 90's was told it was a Seymour Duncan pup but on removing it to fit the new pup it turned out to be a vintage Gibson pup so I thought that relocating that into one of my Epi LP's would be a nice touch. That's a bridge pup and for the Epi LP neck I had a new '59 spec pup built by the guy who built the new one for the strat. The guy who does all my electrical work phone earlier in week to say that there's major issues with the changeover, the Epi bridge pup, Gibson pup and replacement neck pup all measure 50mm E to E across the poles but the Epi neck pup measures 47mm, the lugs for the new pup aren't fitting into the cavity properly and the E strings are way off the poles. It looks like I got a Friday guitar because the bridge isn't sitting dead on with the pickups, we're trying to work our way around this with the Gibson pup for the bridge but the neck pup is just too far off to be fixed so I've had a pup built which should just drop in perfectly but the guitar appears to be some weird mutant which escaped from the Korean test lab with a deformed midget neck pup/fitting and wrongly mounted bridge, none of which was apparent until attempting the upgrade this week. The funny thing is that the guy doing the work said that despite all of this the intonation is bang on perfect, he was expecting it to be all over the place Was hoping someone on here could make some kind of sense of this
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