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  1. So I have had to drill out the little removable mechanism that holds the B string (as it was totally impossible to get it in there) - the part is tool steel, so then to remove the broken drill bit fragments. (It is still quite difficult to fit 2 of the strings - not easy at all.) I now have a 5 string Synapse with flatwound set to enjoy. BUT - there will be no such thing as a quick change over if I ever break a string (have I ever broken a bass string, I can't remember it if I did...) AND - even though I have new strings on and a spare set - I'd still like to buy a set of flat wound DBE strings that fit - so convenient! SO - happy, but with some reservations
  2. I ordered a set of LaBelle flatwound, DBE for this and as per earlier discussions - they did not fit. Evidently the SST-111 set specified for Synapse 5 string bass is slightly custom and the standard (other) steinbergers are different? So preferring flatwound strings, I ordered Rotosound 5 flats SBE (actually I fitted a set of 4 and waited patiently for the new sets to arrive, having already been disappointed by an earlier set of LaBelle flatwounds that didn't fit)... Only the find that I can't actually fit the B string through the capture point at the 'head' of the instrument? Noting that SST-111 specifies a 0.128 and these are 0.130, yes very, very slightly larger. Is there a specification for what size string will fit? should I consider a small round file and ream out the fitting slightly? If only I could order a DBE flatwound set that would fit...but now, awaiting several international postings already - I just want to be able to use the damn thing with a full set of flatwounds, SBE, DBE - I don't care! Anybody with any ideas? Regards, Clayton
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