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  1. I took the Koa J-45 to my local luthier and he adjusted the guitar.. Now it plays easily and we like it . I actually prefer it to the TV...and I was ready to buy the TV. This muddies the water.
  2. I am getting to try out a new J-45 Koa Limited. It looks good.And it sounds good. There are differences that strike me. It doesn't play as well. The action is a little high and probably needs a setup. I liked the neck profile better on the TV. This guitar neck has a rounder fat feel to it.I prefer the TV and it's slight V. The finish on the Koa is shiny as opposed to the TV's I will see if the Koa grows on me the next few days.
  3. What is the shop asking for it ?
  4. Is this bracing pattern true for all models of the J-45 ?
  5. I am in a pickle....I don't need another guitar but I want one.. I have a 1968 Southern Jumbo that I like.....but I got a Jones for a slope shoulder J-45. I live behind the Pine Curtain and the city is 3 hours away.. A Dealer I have done a lot of business with let me try out a J-45 TV....soon he is sending me a J-45 Elite Koa to test. There is a pretty good difference in price between the two. I liked the slight v neck on the TV. By description the Koa sounds like it has a faster neck like my SJ. Opinions on Koa guitars is diverse on the net and that it takes awhile for them to "open up." So.....what should I look for (or beware ) on the Koa so as to compare to the TV ? The TV has the neck and tone.( not unlike my SJ as far as tone ) And it smells good..IMO good acoustic guitars smell of wood, not glue) The Koa might satisfy the slope desire and be different enough to be earn a spot .. But the difference in sides and back,neck and bracing might not satisfy like the TV. ....anyone been here before ? (I may be crazy obsessing over this )
  6. I suspected the bracing might be different. I will have to see what I can find about that..the J-35 is 1936 specs and the J-45 TV the 40's... The tops and sides and back is the same woods.
  7. Other than the wider nut and less frets on the J-35 what differences could be expected ?
  8. I like the look of your J-45...it has character. Bet it sounds good too.
  9. The best way to get an instrument that you want is to have cash in hand. That's what the dealers want and is your chance to make them work for it.
  10. It appears that the decal is underneath lacquer... I looked up the specs and it said it was a decal.It looks good but not really like inlay upon close examination.. And for "True Vintage" I guess I hoped for inlay. So I called Gibson and they said it was a decal....bummer But it is a fine playing guitar.
  11. I am trying out a new J-45 True Vintage... Liking it pretty much but kind of disappointed that everything on the headstock is a decal according to Gibson.
  12. Those are very attractive guitars..I bet it is awesome in person.
  13. Good.....I know where they are at. I was down there with a buddy looking at 335's and spotted a Kossoff Les Paul...it scared me..had not been too long since I got a R9 at Guitar Resurrection in Austin. Did not even look at acoustics while there.....darn
  14. Who is Fuller's ? Is that in Houston, Texas ?
  15. I double checked and my SJ is a 1968. I will have to figure out how to do photos. I know it would require a PhotoBucket account. I can do text photos and Face Book them . Otherwise technology challenged.
  16. The J-45 TV is $3499 and the banner acoustic/electric SJ is $2999...and I found a new banner non electric SJ for $2999 but it appears it joins the body at the 12th fret and the J-45 TV not at the 12th...this is pretty varied.
  17. One of the online dealers showed the banner headstock SJ as having an Adirondack top..that could be wrong...but thanks for the info on the bracing. I am getting to try out the J-45 TV Wednesday evening and want as much info as possible..
  18. ezra1


    Lovely the way they age.
  19. I am new to this forum so please excuse me if this has been covered previously. I own a 1969 square shouldered Southern Jumbo. I have a Jones for a new Bozeman round shouldered dreadnought. The J-45 True Vintage and the acoustic electric Southern Jumbo both have the banner headstock,Adirondack red top and mahogany back and sides. Other than the tuners on the TV and the SJ inlay and pickup ,couple thousands dollar price higher on the TV,what is the difference in construction on these 2 models ?
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