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  1. Lars, You are asking this question in a very old thread. I think you'd do better to post your question in a new thread. Sorry I can't help you with your pickup question. Best, Chris
  2. Hmmm. So that one sold in 2014. You might get in touch with the seller there but 'coil-tapped P-90s' doesn't sound right to me. Aren't P-90s single coil pups? And those tuners look nothing like any Grover locking tuners I've seen. But Gibson customer service has been good about getting back to people if you send them that model # and S/N. The seller seems legit but the guitar seems fishy to me. Let us know what you find out!
  3. AFAIK, 335s only came with humbuckers. 330s, which are fully hollow, always came with P-90s. Check this out: http://guitarhq.com/gibson4.html
  4. Send an email to Customer.Relations@gibson.com with the S/N & model number. They were very helpful with me about a year ago. In my case, the code worked out as follows (quoting from the email received from Gibson): "The code ESDSRDCH1 was used on the Electric Spanish 335 model which had Dot fingerboard inlay, Satin ReD finish, Chrome Hardware. The “1” at the end indicates the instrument was first quality." Chris
  5. Gibson Customer Service has been great responding to my questions about my 2008 Custom 335. Mine was indeed made in Memphis. Dunno about the center block but it 's pretty heavy.
  6. I'm very happy with my Mustang III. Lots of good Fender amp emulations and plenty of power for just about any live situation. Some people seem to be happy with the smaller versions but for me the open back 12" speaker makes a difference. I've had a Roland Cube 30 for years and like it too but the closed back gives it a certain sound that doesn't work for me in a live situation. It's worked for me on occasion but really a little underpowered for live. I really like the simplicity of the effects. It's my bedroom amp. Tubes are great but who wants to carry heavy things and worry about maintenance at our age (I'm 62). Good luck!
  7. Replying to an old thread. I found this because I've been researching my 2008 Custom Shop 335 that had binding put on aftermarket by the previous owner. I just thought I'd share with you that Gibson customer service told me the MSRP on this guitar was $3176. Of course I don't know what the street price was then but $1600 seems like a pretty good deal. Congrats! (BTW, I paid $2k for mine and felt like I did well.) Chris
  8. Hello all, I have a 1969 ES-330 that I'd like to take a good look inside. I have an inspection mirror and a flashlight but I was wondering if there were any other tricks to seeing inside these babies. Also I'd like to mention that there's some fluffy material inside the instrument. I haven't seen a lot of 330's but I don't recall ever seeing anything like that. It's pretty obviously a one owner guitar that's been played hard although no other mods, as far as I can tell. Thanks!
  9. Don't like resurrecting zombie threads, but I can't let this go without mentioning Terry Haggerty on the first Sons of Champlin album. He rips it up on a Super 400 (check out the solo on 'Freedom'). Also check out Jerry Miller on the early Moby Grape LPs with his ES-175 ('Hey Grandma").
  10. Well, clearly I need to figure out this picture thing. I think you all get the idea, tho'. It's not super special but I like it. I'll probably never get another Gibson so it may be moot.
  11. Learned to play on an Epiphone Century but moved into a 335 because of Bob Weir (Guild), Dave Edmunds (first Love Sculpture album), & Boz Scaggs. It's long gone but I just got a Memphis Custom so I'll be getting reacquainted with that sound.
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