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  1. Love my J15. First Gibson and it is as much a Gibson as any guitar. Fantastic guitar and my sound guy told me this morning how much he loves it when I play it vs my Rainsong or Yamaha LL16. He is certainly judging the pickup, but he is a great sound guy and I respect his preference of tone. I'm really digging this guitar.
  2. Yes, it's a laminate of maple, walnut and maple. No worries whatsoever.
  3. Same tuners as the stock, only in gold. Direct fit.
  4. No bone saddle yet. May be the next upgrade.
  5. matalie

    Gibson J15

    Here's the back of mine. Great guitar for sure.
  6. Love mine as well. Put bone pins in along with swapping the tuners out for gold mini rotos.
  7. Nice guitar! I love mine as well. Beautiful and sweet sounding.
  8. I like it. I'll probably have a bone saddle made, get some bone pins and throw some mediums on it.
  9. I had it packed up and ready to go out tomorrow morning, but I figured I would take it back out of the box and give it another try this evening. I couldn't get over the fact that these get such great reviews and I wasn't hearing it. I'm glad I did this. I started thinking about it and I had flown home the night before I opened the guitar up on Thursday. Now that my ears are back down here at sea level, it sounds much better- full, open, airy and bright. Nice tone. I was already pleased with how it plays and the electronics. Still wish the burst was more red, but it's nice. It's staying here for sure. Here's a picture I took representing the true color as close as I could get it.
  10. Jason Isbell "Relatively Easy" and "Cover Me Up" along with The Decemberists "June Hymn" and "Rise To Me". Trying to get those down cold and learn the intro to LZ Over the Hills...
  11. It's boxed up and I'm sending it back. My thinking is that if I picked this guitar up in a shop, there is no way it's coming home with me. A big thing is that the burst on this guitar looks nothing like it does in the photos of it that were on the sweetwater page. The reds in the burst in the photo aren't evident in person. The burst is orange to black and to me looks nowhere near this nice. Also I can get more power and tone out of my dreads, which certainly have less girth. If I'm going to hold and play over a big jumbo body, I want it to deliver. Thankfully I'm working with Sweetwater and they have great service. Here's the sweetwater pic- Looks great but I think the aperture of the camera is wide open. The guitar looks like fromnabulax's picture above. I thought it would be the opposite, that the pictures I'm seeing online don't really show the burst and finally the sweetwater pics did. But I've learned to only trust what a burst looks like in person.
  12. So I got it today and my overwhelming thought is this thing is underpowered and very quiet for being a big jumbo guitar. I'm not thinking it's going to be a rosewood dreadnought cannon, but for such a big guitar, this thing is way underpowered. I feel like it's not living up to it's potential. So I feel like I have a decision to make. Can I make this guitar come to life? Medium strings? a colosi bone saddle? Or some serious playing time and it comes to life?
  13. It's sitting at my desk at work right now. I'm on a plane flying home so I won't get to check it out until tomorrow night. Really looking forward to it.
  14. I just ordered a EJ200sce from Sweetwater. Vintage burst, a demo model. I'm not sure what to expect, but these sure do get rave reviews. The one I saw on Sweetwater was the first pictures or videos that actually showed the red in the sunburst. I was shopping mainly for a hummingbird pro, but when I came across this demo, I went for it. I'll add the NGD post to this thread once it comes in.
  15. Not my rainsong. When it came in, I thought the dealer had forgotten to put the guitar in the box. It is light as a feather. I doubt it weighs 3 pounds. And that's mostly tuners and electronics. It's not neck heavy, either. Nicely balanced.
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