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  1. Unfortunately, the G Force on my 2015 SG Special is very inconsistent - mostly pulling everything very sharp. I can not get it to preform a Master Re-Set the correct way; it will not complete step 3 in that set of instructions, so step 4 never happens... I am going to have my dealer try to get the entire unit replaced and see if it can work - if the new G Force unit comes with the same old bugs or new ones, then it's a set of manual tuning pegs and into a zip-lock bag goes the G Force. The tuning is so inconsistent I can not even use the guitar at rehearsal, much less a gig. Very disappointed. I love everything about the SG Special, I'd just like to have it in tune so I can play it.
  2. If your brass zero nut had been damaged by your strings, and there are groves cut into the brass zero fret, call Gibson's 800 number and ask for the warranty dept. they will take your address info and send you a new Nickel plated replacement zero fret. You'll have to take the little allen screws out of the orig. brass unit and transfer them to your new Nickel zero fret - note the height of the old zero fret and match that (if you likes the setting) and drop the new Nickel unit in. That will get you back to square one with the guitar - I did both a factory re-set and a re-calibration (Pg. 14 & 15 in the manual) process with the G Force once the new nut/zero fret was in place. My G Force is back to fast accurate tuning. Drama resolved.
  3. Well,the guys at the music store spent some time with the guitar and the Factory Re-set did finally work, followed this up with a calibration and it's back to tuning up fast and accurate. I'll see how it goes...
  4. sjruvolo, I'm getting close to just having it replaced with a set of Gibson Deluxe tuners, as you suggest. Your point about a time-saving device costing me a lot of time, not to mention not having the guitar t o play is well made, and taken,
  5. Weekend update - dropped the guitar off at the store this morning - they will mess with it to see if they can get it to tune properly - I could not get it to flash the confirmation that the Master Re-Set to Factory default, I'd hold the Enter and Up buttons down together and all it would do is turn itself off after about 60 to 75 seconds, over and over again - no master re-set, the calibration process won't work as it's supposed to either... It continues to pull every string but the B string close to a half step sharp. If they can't get it to work either, they'll call Gibson for a new G Force unit. This unit worked perfectly for about 4 weeks, then the strings cut notches in the Zero Fret, and it's not tuned properly since.
  6. update - the new nickel plated zero fret arrived this Monday past via FedEx. Had it installed. However... the G Force is still pulling every string sharp except the B string - everything is real sharp. I have tried repeatedly to do a Master System reset but the G Force will not finish step 5 - "Cyan LED's light sequentially = reset confirmed" - all that ever happens is I press the Enter and Up Button in step 4 and after about 6o sec. the unit just shuts off with no sequential Cyan LED flash to confirm - so no Master Reset seems possible - I have gone through this process at least 30 times and I get the same non-sequential flash to confirm re-set. I have also tried the re-calabration process on pg 15 of the manual but it doesnt fix the tuning sharp issue (no master re-set, no calibration???) Should I talk to the store, they seem more than a little hesitant to deal with this, since every time I go in with this problem we all have to read from the manual... Should I just call Gibson on Monday and ask for a return authorization? Kind of disappointed to say the least, the G Force was working for a few weeks, then when the strings cut new grooves in the brass zero fret, it stopped tuning with any degree of accuracy, always way sharp. I'm about to join the ranks of those who have taken the G Force off and installed regular tuning pegs and just go analog old-school tuning with the SG - if it won't tune up, I can't play it. I wanted this to work, I really did, but it seems as if I didn't get what I paid for... damn. Thoughts?
  7. Yes - the intonation on the guitar is correct. I have to say after three days, and another master re-set and calibration, and having had the orig. brass nut filed down to eliminate the grooves that the strings had cut, it is now tuning accurately across all six strings. So, I'll wait on the mail carrier to deliver the new Nickel Zero Fret from Gibson this coming week and see if it doesn't stay stabilized. Thanks for your input, very helpful.
  8. I called Gibson yesterday and they did not hesitate to get my info to send out the replacement Nickel Plated zero fret insert. I had some pretty big grooves etched into the original brass zero fret and the tuner was pulling every string real sharp. I re-set to the Factory settings then re-calabrated according to the owners manual three times each - still pulling sharp. I took the SG back to the dealer, their tech filed all the grooves out of the zero fret and polished it once the filing was done - we put new GHS Nickel Rockers on it (those are round-core and the winds are not as abrasive as most other strings) and it seemed to tune itself ok - then that evening at home, it was pulling every string but the high B & E sharp again. I won't get the new zero fret insert till next week sometime, at that point I'll go back to the store and have them re-check the set-up with the new zero fret. Anyone else have the G Force tuning everything sharp? The only string that was consistently not sharp was the high E, the B string would be sharp 40% of the time... all the wound strings and the G were always tuned sharp. I want to like this thing.
  9. I have the '61 Zebra's in my 2015 SG Special - I did lower them a lot - the neck is just a tiny bit below the pickup ring and the bridge is a tiny bit above the pickup ring - both pickups have the treble string side closer by 1 1/2 height screw turns. Now, this guitar is way closer in volume to my other hum bucker guitars and I don't have to adjust the amp volume if I change guitars. I also have to say that I've not felt compelled to change these pickups - I think that they are sounding very good - I have a set of Motor City Black Belts just sitting on a shelf, but I'm still not wanting to go through the change just yet - I'm sure that the Black Belts will be a lower output set than the '61 Zebra's. Maybe that will become a mid-summer little project to see what the difference is. There will be the quick-connect issue to deal with If I decide to do the change. But I have to say that these '61's sound way better than the BB's that came in my '04 R9 - those were pulled in the first week.
  10. thnx - sounds like the easiest way to go. a good idea hiding in plain sight.
  11. Subject line pretty much says it all. Question: can you get the hardware needed to convert a regular set of humbuckers for the Gibson Quick-Connect system? If so I'd not mind doing that to some old school pickups I have. It would make seeing if you like a set of pickups better than the "61 Zebra's that are in my '15 SG all that much easier.
  12. I have had my 2015 SG Special for about two months now. Old dog here too but I was drawn to the 2015 line because of all those new additions and now that I've been able to live with them a while, very pleased with all of them. Did one gig with it so far and it's a delight to play. I have lowered the '61 Zebra pickups in both the bridge and neck - the neck is now just about flush with the pickup ring, bridge a little higher, now that guitar is pretty much same vol into my amp as my 336 - the SG was a lot louder so I lowered the pickups. So far I'm not feeling compelled to change out the '61 Zebra pickups, I'll give it more time and see if I still feel the same way. The first thing I did was put on a fresh set of 10-46 strings and re-calibrated the G Force for those - very easy and quick - the string change wasn't any more difficult than any of my other guitars with locking tuners. I am going to buy second set of 6 of those screw-cap string locks - one of those little suckers could easily go flying in a dark backstage "dressing room" in a bar or club and I'd rather be prepared... Changing into and out of an open tuning is a breeze with the G Force - very fast and accurate. With a little bit of planning in the set list, I don't think I need to bring a pre-tuned guitar any more. This was a major interest I had in seeing how good the G Force would be at getting to the open tunings fast, and it's not disappointed at all. The neck is a little wide for a Gibson but it feels a lot like the wide/fat neck on my PRS McCarty - just a little attention to playing technique is all I needed to make sure that some unused strings were getting muted, I now use my thumb wrapped around more than I do on a Gibson 60's neck. The frets were immaculate, the Heritage Cherry finish the same way. The only thing I'm still debating is changing out that weird coffee-with-a-very-little cream colored pickup rings and poker chip... I am thinking about adding a black pick guard and changing the rings/switch ring to black as well, for a more trad. SG look. I got a very good price from a dealer I've been working with for years and I'm pleased that I finally jumped into an SG. Now I have a 4 Gibson family: the SG, a 336, 335 & R9. BTW I put a set of Fralin P92's in my CS336 - what a great set of pickups for that guitar, but that is a whole other post.
  13. If your Historic R9 came with colored ball ends, D'Addario's, then perhaps the store put new strings on the guitar after the factory ones went dead. Some stores will try to keep the higher end guitars (maybe even all their guitars but that could be a tall order) sounding good when they are still on display.
  14. Your right about the technique thing - I have been paying a lot more attention when I play that guitar - my CS336 has a 60's neck and I've been playing that as my go-to for about three years now - the neck on the SG is wider, and that is going to be something that I really need to work at in controlling the un-played strings. Since I noticed the issue, it's already gotten easier to to control, with just a few lapses in attention to unplayed strings. Correcting bad habits is never a bad thing... thanks for all the input, it very much confirmed what I was getting to understand on my own. This is my first SG and the 336 is having to fight for attention these days.
  15. This is a little issue on my 2015 SG Special that I have come across. II have noticed in the last couple of weeks that when I play a chord up the neck that does not involve the low E string, it vibrates enough to make a dissonant E note heard if E is not part of the chord being played. Well, you'll hear that E string vibrating whether or not it's has a voice in the chord, so it could blend into the chord or sound like the clam that it is if not. It very much reacts like a sympathetic vibration to what is being played elsewhere on the neck. Has anyone else noticed this? Could this be because of the brass zero fret? I'm finding that I have to use a finger or my thumb to mute that string. I have never noticed this happening on any other guitar that I have. Thoughts?
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