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  1. That is a counterfeit, not a replica. It is just a out-and-out fake. Do not buy it, turn the seller into you local law enforcement before they burn someone out of a lot of money.
  2. Just going by the headstock it looks to be authentic, but pictures of the body and neck would be helpful to be certain. It is normal for the Serial Number to be hard to read, because it is stamped before the instrument is sprayed.
  3. If you take the truss rod cover off, you should see a hex head nut which indicates the authenticity. If you remove the truss rod cover, and it takes an Allen wrench, then it is not. Simple as that.
  4. A lot of flying V's had the logo on the truss rod cover. But yeah, pull the pickup and see if it is marked in the cavity, look at the pots see if they are maker. The bridge looks like a mid 70's Gibson bridge that was used on a SG. Is there a Serial number on the back of the head stock?
  5. Why not just swap the tuner buttons to hipshot pearloid keystone buttons.They save you from drilling more holes and you still get the stability of the grovers https://hipshotproducts.com/products/guitar-tuner-buttons?variant=43356140936
  6. No need to check the serial. Counterfeiters use real serial numbers. However, this is an authentic Gibson.
  7. These pictures are so small I can't tell what it is. You need to post better quality photos.
  8. That is a really nice SG. I have a 2017 and if it plays anything like mine, you will love it. on mine, I added hipshot pearloid tuner buttons, and I put on reflector nobs. I also pulled PC board and hand wired it.
  9. That is a real. You have all the paperwork there.
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