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  1. That is a 2011 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker Special in tv yellow with dual P90's, not a LPJ. I am not sure what you mean by "line". I found one just like it on Reverb so you can see what it looked like. The knobs look original, but the bridge, as you say was changed. https://reverb.com/item/5742779-gibson-les-paul-melody-maker-special-2011-rare-dual-p90-tv-yellow-0602
  2. you probably have found out already, that is real.
  3. HY might be short for Honeyburst. LP=Les Paul .N=New or Natural??? .STD=STD .P=Premium Top. I can't say for sure, but that would be my best guess.
  4. it is a good model to learn on and he should not out grow it for a few years. I started my boys on a lesser model, but after a year of playing then they were wanting better ones, then better. It gets to be a really expensive hobby. Best of luck to him with learning and keep it fun, just don't do tons of book work. There are thousands of people giving free tutorials on youtube so any song he wants to learn, someone has a video on how to play it.
  5. That is a Epiphone Les Paul Custom. By the serial number it was made in the Saein Plant, Korea, in July, 2003 Production Number: 2773. Korean made Epiphones are one of the better ones.
  6. A epiphone sg special runs about $179, both models are really low end. If they told you it was an SG they were either misleading you or they did not know. This is a SG special https://www.musician...ASABEgI-xfD_BwE Did you buy it new or used? and how much did you pay? if you don't mind me asking.
  7. That is an Epiphone Les Paul Special II, not an SG. They sell for about $199 USD new. Good starter guitar. http://www.epiphone....Special-II.aspx
  8. either a 1991 or a 2001. the 1 representing the year and the rest of the number is the production number.
  9. Actually, a lot of Gibson models with coil splitting do not use the shielded wire, I have a 2013 Sig T in my collection and it has the identical wiring as this one.
  10. haha, I am no expert by any means. ;) , this is just a random 79 ES-175 photo I pulled off google
  11. It is not a Les Paul, it is a ES 175.
  12. I don't see anything that raises any red flags. That looks to be a 1979 ES-175 and all the ones I have seen over the years have had the "Made in USA" sideway like that. here is another I just found, if you scroll to the last image you will see the orientation is the same. https://loviesguitars.com/product/1979-gibson-es-175-natural/
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