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  1. That is a really nice SG. I have a 2017 and if it plays anything like mine, you will love it. on mine, I added hipshot pearloid tuner buttons, and I put on reflector nobs. I also pulled PC board and hand wired it.
  2. That is a real. You have all the paperwork there.
  3. Did you notice "supreme" is spelled wrong? looks like it say suprome. The head stock is way off too. I would not buy it. Better photos of the whole body would be nice. Take the truss rod cover off and look to see if it is an allen wrench or a hex-head nut. Gibson has a hex head nut.
  4. oh, the difference in color is just the burst. I have one that is very similar.
  5. It is really dirty, and the fingerboard needs to be cleaned and oiled. probably would not hurt to polish the frets as well. All minor stuff really. on the nut, I would just take a pencil eraser and clean the scum off with that. The body is beautiful. You have to keep in mind it is made of wood so the finish takes differently to two separate pieces of wood. I would wipe the body down with a damp rag to get the lose scum off, then dry it and then wipe it down with Naphtha to get the deep crud off. Then polish it with Gibson guitar polish (myself, I would use polishing compound and a buffer).
  6. According to the guitar dater project: Your guitar was made at the Saein Plant, Korea, on June, 2005 Production Number: 3166 I=Factory Identifier 05=Year 06=Month 3166=Production Number
  7. Post some pictures once you get it back together.
  8. Yes, that is real. No doubt about it. looks like a 2007. Oh, cut those freaking string ends, it makes it look like crap. 🙂
  9. I think it is a traditional premium plus top with a AAA top.
  10. That is rosewood. The pau ferro did not show up in Epiphones until 2019 I think.
  11. No problem, Glad I could be of assistants. Enjoy, they can be some pretty cool guitars.
  12. That is a 2011 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker Special in tv yellow with dual P90's, not a LPJ. I am not sure what you mean by "line". I found one just like it on Reverb so you can see what it looked like. The knobs look original, but the bridge, as you say was changed. https://reverb.com/item/5742779-gibson-les-paul-melody-maker-special-2011-rare-dual-p90-tv-yellow-0602
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