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  1. Thanks again I think I got it.
  2. Ok man thanks! Ive learned allot here about this guitar. I like this thing. It sounds good and stays in tune. What is meant by the tremolo centers? This guitar was a mystery for me but I got it now. As I said the manual covers the synapse series. I had to figure out that its a spirit deluxe by looking at photos at Steinberger.
  3. Correction: the you tube video says that double stings are "not" very good.
  4. I have a spirit GT pro that uses double ball strings. I heard online that there is a neck converter for it that can be used with conventional strings. I watched a you tube video where a guy says that double ball strings are very good. What is your opinion about that? IM leery of the locking string head cause it seems that the strings would slip or kink the strings. Do ya'll think the double strings are better or the regular ones? And... Where can I get one please? I have never heard of double strings before I discovered the Steinberger. Where would be the best place to get the converter? IM saying that I have the Spirit GT Pro based on what I see online but IM not positive if its a standard or Pro and don't know how to know the difference.
  5. That makes sense I wonder why the manual couldn't say that? Thanks I discovered my self that the action is individual string adjustments. It didn't seem to make much difference in the action no matter what I did. More tomorrow. Greg
  6. Thanks man! IM not new to guitars but Im new to this one. I needed a good travel guitar and all the other ones don't balance right but this one does. It came with a manual but its for a synapse series and Gibson tellsme that's the only one there is. I changed an e string last night and it took me about 10 tries before I could get the string ball to stay in place while trying to tighten the saddle knob. You tube makes it looks easy but it was not! I still don't understand what the large knob at the back is for, I know it has something to do with the tremolo bar.
  7. I have a spirit GT pro I don't understand how to move the saddle to adjust intonation. The info I have from Steinberger world.com says to loosen set screw ok that's easy, then it says to adjust saddle foreword or back but "how" do you move the saddle please?
  8. I apologize if I shouldn't post more that one question at a time but I am confused about this. I bought a Steinberger guitar through Amazon.com It is a Spirit by Steinberger IM assuming it is a GT Pro standard based on what I see on Steinberger site. The guitar that I received is a spirit but the manual I received seems to be for the Synaps series.My guitar does not have the string locking screws to use with single ball strings which is what I expected. This guitar is the answer to my dilemma cause I travel and work on a small ship and it balances correctly. All the other travel guitars I tried does not, the neck hangs down on them. My questions are: 1 is there a way to get a manual for the Spirit GT Pro? 2 I discovered that there is a neck converter that I can use to install for use with single ball strings, where can I get one please? 3 I would like to use light strings starting with a .008 for the high E string. Is this possible? 4 I don’t understand the purpose of the tremola locking device, can you help? The serial no.on the guitar is1403210609 Any help would be appreciated. I like how the guitar sounds and plays. Greg
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