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  1. Hello, I bought the DJC.4 last week, installed the Virtual DJ LE that came with the set and then installed the ASIO drivers. Configured the settings as described in the manual. The system worked fine for first ten minutes. I was getting cue sound from my headphones and master output form my speakers.After that soon as I loaded a new track.. poof.. Both outputs started coming via main speakers Even with cue buttons on...i get to hear sounds from both deck in my main speakers.. if I reverse the channels in config settings then output form my main speaker only works if I press cue buttons.. Basically I am getting no output in channel 3 and 4 Have tried every setting since, re-installing the software, both DJ LE and ASIO , nothing seems to be helping.. Not sure which one is it, my computer, the drivers or the controller... other than this everything else is working fine, but without the cue functionality cannot really play it right Please help.. is there a workaround
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