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    NGD J-45

    Yeah the open back tuners were a bonus, being that I was going to change the stock ones out anyway. I have a Greven J-45 guard coming...I'm picky about pick guards...😀 It also already had black Tusq bridge pins, which was another bonus being that I was going to change the white ones out as well. It's in new condition for sure for being a 2012 model. I'll be picking it some this week, but it's back to work this weekend for me!
  2. txcbm

    NGD J-45

    New to me, anyway. It's a 2012 but looks new. I removed the pick guard that was covering the rosette, but have a new one on the way. I will TRY to add a Dropbox link to view the pics, but.... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mj8s9hld7rm8yjg/AAA3l3bLnA4KRHSdPgZTixpFa?dl=0
  3. Good point, indeed. I'll contact them.
  4. Thank you! Those look great, but they don't even list one for a J-45. The search continues...
  5. I've got a J-45 on the way!! My first Gibson. I'm a bit of a pickguard "snob", so to speak. I've used Greven Tor-Tis on my Martins, but that material is getting hard to find. Can y'all give me some names of people that y'all have used for replacement Gibson pickguards? Thanks in advance for any information.
  6. His review of a J45 vs a J45-TV is making me think I might save a little extra and get the TV instead of the Standard.
  7. That costs more than my first house did. The guitar is probably built better though!
  8. Hi all, I'm Brett and am just getting involved in the Gibson world. Been playing guitar for 20 years or so. Had Taylors first, and a few Martins. (Currently a D-28 Marquis) I'm gonna buy a Gibson this year, hopefully sooner than later. I like the J45 so far, but might save up the extra coin for a J45-TV. I really like the extra "something" an Adi top provides. Anyway, glad to be a member here and will be learning a lot about Gibsons in the near future.
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