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  1. Yes, I have seen this video. Here' my problem with this video; if you listen to it and compare it to the J-45 video (which is very close in model but with the change of fretboard length of course) there is a huge difference in sound! What I'm saying is that something is not right. It's as if different mics were used to record the demos, but that's not the case. The two guitars are so far different from each other in these demos that it's hard to have faith in the sound of either one. Try it. So, I wonder what the people who own both or have played both feel the comparison is like. And again, since I don't particularly care for the J-45 sound next to the Hummingbird, this 12 fret model may be a different matter?
  2. Hi guys, I posted a comment on another discussion but not sure if anyone visits that one any more. Anyway, I've learned that this Gibson 12 fret S.J. is made in many versions and so you will find it with Adi top & Sitka top, pick-up & no pick-up, name changes, and all combinations. I'm planning on buying a Gibson now and I'm torn between the Hummingbird (actually the Country Western which is the same) and this 12 fret. The reason for considering this 12 fret is 1) it's gorgeous! and 2) I'm so curious about the sound. I do not care for the sound of the J-45 so will I be disappointed with this 12fret? The j-200 is abit too dark sounding for me also. Thoughts?
  3. Hi guys! A comment if I may and then some important questions for me; I'm intrigued by this new 12 fret Southern jumbo and have been learning about it through research. Turns out that Gibson makes many, many versions of this thing and that's why everyone sees it online in a different configuration (red spruce, Sitka spruce, pick-up, no pick-up, name...). You're all right! I see a couple of folks here who own this 12 fret Southern Jumbo and I notice that they say they "like" it but don't seem overly enthusiastic in their praise. To those folks, honestly, is better than say a j45 Southern Jumbo True Vintage or something similar? I mean, is it anything special beyond a J45 with Adi top? Also, I'm really on the fence about this guitar or a Hummingbird (actually, a Country Western which is basically a hummingbird). For those who have heard the 12 fret Southern Jumbo, which guitar would pick if you had to go in front of people and sing a Dylan type song? Thanks much, Grad
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