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  1. Dan, I agree about the tone being pick, technique, and of course the microphone. That's why I've asked for help and was hoping someone with younger ears could give me their impression. Like I said, I use a thumb pick and bare fingers. Oh yeah, that '48 at Willie's is no doubt a monster but that price is unreachable for me. Might be high, given the updated bridge but I'm no expert.
  2. This is a consignment guitar and priced at $3,000 plus shipping. I'm linking to a video and hope you experts will tell me if the tone has a vintage vibe or more of a modern sound. My ears aren't good enough to tell from this sample. This is number 18 so it was one of Mr. Walker's early builds with the tear drop pickguard and supposedly has a thinner neck than the later ones. I have no doubt about the excellent build quality of these guitars and I've about given up on finding and early 50s J-45, which has the tone that I like most. I am a finger picker, not a strummer, and I use a thumb pic
  3. A few years ago, Musician's Friend sold the Silver Creek brand and I bought a T-170 solid wood, 000 size with a wide nut and bridge string spacing. It also had a hefty V neck.They still have the specs listed at the link below. They also sold the T-160 which was the same guitar with mahogany tone wood. I paid $299 for mine and of course, they are PacRim guitars. If Epi would list the complete specs, the OP wouldn't have had to ask someone to measure their AJ-45ME. The OP didn't ask for a sunburst. Maybe he just wanted a solid wood slope shoulder with a wider string spacing. That is what's
  4. I installed Elixirs on my SJ 12 and then put the original 80/20s back on. It might be my hearing loss but the Elixirs sounded too warm. They also raised the action a tad and it wasn't from an increase in the relief. I put the caliper on the original strings and they were 11s. Maybe they thinned out since they're supposed to be 12s. I changed the 2 treble strings to 12 & 16 and they sound stronger. I might try Elixir nano 80/20s after a while but I like the way it's sounding now. Side note, I'm wondering how long to let the finish cure before using some Virtuoso polish. It was built in Fe
  5. The Gibson strings on my new 12 fret SJ sound really good, except for the string noise when sliding my fingers. I will be installing Elixirs but I'm not in a hurry.
  6. Count me in. I ordered one of these and it'll be here the first of the week. Slinky, I hold you and a few others around here responsible for this impulsive purchase. Oh, and that Acoustic Letter dude on YouTube with his "this is the best I've heard" review. Man, I've heard some fine things said about this 12 fret SJ, so we'll see. Here's my actual guitar. I might consider removing the pickguard since I play with my bare fingers. I could always add it back.
  7. Sal, I got the tuners and they look brand new. The Hummingbird can't be too old.

    I must say thanks again Sal and great thanks to you. Jess

  8. Oh heck yes I meant 12 fret SJ, not J-45. Sorry
  9. I was underwhelmed by what I heard, as well.
  10. I'll take them! They're just what I need for my camp fire guitar. I've been tuning it with my mini vice grips. 😄 PM sent and thanks so very much!
  11. Can anyone give me an idea about how the tone of these 2 would compare. Would the 12 fretter SJ likely have a better tone across all the strings, or could the CE any advantage? The MAP is the same, so which one of these would y'all recommend?
  12. I sure wish Gibson had more offerings with 1 3/4" nut width.
  13. Yikes! Those strings are scary looking.
  14. Congrats on your J-35 choice. They certainly have great reviews.
  15. BK, I really like your playing style. Especially your right hand technique.
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