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  1. You sure? Sorry if I seem cautious, but I find these things are important when buying a guitar. Gibson/Kramer still haven't responded to me.
  2. I will try and get through to them, but really my only fear is that it's made in China. Without meaning to stereotype, I do have some knowledge of the quality of guitar-building from their factories, and it tends to be lackluster. Korea, Indonesia, Mexico (or one of the more economically developed, if unlikely nations) would put my mind at ease. That guitar is an absolute steal if the craftsmanship is halfway decent.
  3. This goes for most Kramer guitars, but I'm specifically thinking about the white with grey pinstriped Nite V Plus (I imagine that both the TOM and Floyd models are made in the same factory). I'm curious about where it was made, considering the rather tidy specs it seems to have, but with a ludicrously low price tag. Since Kramer and Gibson seem tricky to contact directly, I turn to you, the forum, in search of an answer. I'm not interested in speculation, so I would appreciate answers with 100% certainty behind them. Cheers.
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