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  1. Well see the bigger picture .. in my region the build boats .. Well I must say builded .. boats are build in China now. It's not just guitars but a hole pile of companies are brought to there knees because of this ..in prospective we earn to much. To compete to those chinees in a few years our salaries must go down. Maybe you can't afford a Gibson anymore and a fake is all you can afford then 🤣 who knows ... time will tell.
  2. So I've heard.. maybe a chinees can buy the factory chinees employees much cheaper.. mismanaged and thanks to the fools buying fake Gibson's in China for there one good and distorting the market.. many companies will follow thanks to our one greed.
  3. Hi there... it has been a long time ago since I've been here. I'm in the market for a Gibson les paul I was thinking the new Gibson 2018 honeyburst with no binding or a second-hand in mint condition traditional ..it is on display in a local shop. When I was talking to the salesman of the shop ..he said he didn't sell Gibson anymore (new) because the demand of Gibson where so hi that the stoped selling them.. and in the Netherlands its a trend .. most retailers won't sell Gibson anymore because of that. I must buy it from Thomann in Germany or Music produktiv also in Germany. Further the salesman was telling me Gibson was doing bad financially.. the factory for hollowbody guitars is for sale now. Gibson is going bankrupt in a few jear due bad management. Also the chinees fake Gibson stuff is bringing Gibson down.. and I must say.. I don't buy a Gibson from eBay or equal sides .. it's hard to tell from a picture if it's real or not. These chinees a not stupid and learn from there mistakes and doing a good job bringing our economy down. No matter what work you are doing ... chinees will always be cheaper.. the earn money so the can buy our Real Gibson.. we bring our money to them.. conclusion we get to buy there crap lose our jobs and they get all our good stuff cause one moment we have to sell it for peanuts to them.. I know it's a black and white story it has a lot of nuances but you get what I mean Greets and let know what you think.
  4. LP studio Gibson Vintage reissue .10 Fender strat Fender Bullets .09 Ibanez JS1000 D'addario XL .09 Ibanez Jem D'addario .09 Ibanez acoustic D'addario .12
  5. Those classic 57 are great. My LP studio came with these and stay in. I love em!
  6. LP studio standard from 1987
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