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  1. I need help with decadence registration, can you help me?

  2. If you purchased a Behringer hardware unit and received a voucher for Deckadance LE Edition, please follow these steps to redeem your software: Download and Install the latest demo: Go to the Stanton Deckadance website and click "Demos" tab. Scroll down and download the demo for PC or Mac. Stanton Deckadance2 Website Enter your Behringer voucher code Click the following link and enter your code (you may need to create a Cakewalk account, or use an existing account) Voucher Code Entry Website Activate Deckadance2 With Deckadance open click on the toolbar "Preferences" icon (top-left corner) Select "Registration" on the left menu. Under "Registration Steps": Click "For LE Edition" and save the generated CRQ file to your desktop Click "Activation Website" ** and upload your CRQ file. Activation webpage will quickly send back a response DAT file. Save it to your desktop. Click "Import Activation Response" and upload your *.DAT file Activation is now complete. LE Edition serial-number should now be visible on the same registration screen. ======================================================================================= ** If you cannot access the Activation Page through Internet Explorer, please ensure your cookie settings: Go to menu: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy - > Advanced "Override automatic cookie handling" should be Enabled. "Third-Party" cookies set to "Accept" "Always allow session cookies" is unchecked. Behringer Voucher - Deckadance LE Edition.pdf
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