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  1. My Epiphone Casino is a cheap chinese guitar . But this is a cool light guitar made for playing everywhere unplugged or plugged .
  2. I had very bad experience with Epiphone guitars : - Les Paul - G400 - Vee The only one Epi I like is my Casino, read what I wrote before .
  3. How can you compare an hamburger with a musical instrument ... ? My 2000 SG Limited is an incredible guitar , the best ! Sorry, she' not made in China ...
  4. I am an Epiphone and Gibson Customer, not a troll. I share my advice, no more .
  5. Gibson guitars are THE REAL THING .
  6. I like both and I prefer large pickguard ,
  7. " An Epiphone plays as well as a Gibson ... " Do you have an other joke ? Funny, very funny ...
  8. Very low intelectual level is to offend. Where are the arguments?
  9. SG player

    Crazy idea?

    I prefer Firebird with 3+3 Gibson headstock
  10. Deluxe Gibson tuners are fine, be careful to neck dive with heavy tuners .
  11. Very nice photo flame ! 6 or 7 pi├Ęces body ?
  12. How can you compare a poor chinese copy with a Gibson ? Photoflame on a chinese SG Copy
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