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  1. I bought a $289 MIC Xaviere XV900 from Guitar Fetish. Its what started this whole persuit into semi-hollow territory for me. Not a bad guitar. Scarf joint neck, its biggest detractor, and solid maple make it heavy. If you buy one of these, it is implied that you will be working on it. Nothing is tight. Nothing. But that's a plus, because every part should be replaced. I didn't know that at first. After this one a real 335 came home and it has none of the same concerns. To compare them was unfair because the 335 was professional and the XV900 was a little leaguer. That wasn't going to stop
  2. Don't forget to register for warranty within 15 days... Sweet looking guitar. I would love to play a 335 with 57s, they're highly sought after and gone by the time I get there. The finish is tough to photo, but you've done some nice photos here. Receiving gifts such as this, I also got a 335 for my BDay, came with an IOU so big I don't know if I'll ever get squared up with her. Almost like going down to the crossroads and signing with the devil. Thanks? ;)
  3. Somewhere in this video mentions between 12 and 14 thousand. Not sure how, or why, this tour informs viewers of more details, all with a smile. You gotta love it. And what kind of beauty is that "surprise"?
  4. I was complimenting you on the great job helping a concerned owner. In that post I also suggested how 'Nice' we (by we, I refer to all of the forum users) can be to provide the good word or advice to those who may seem disgruntled, troubled with their guitar, setup difficulties, failures, or otherwise. This was in reply to Steve, above mine, and the preceding posts questioning whether the OP was still around. Also, I mentioned the new Memphis section, which did not exist only months ago. Not only that, there was no forum for semi-hollow users, aside from 'all other'. It is good to have the Mem
  5. Wildwood is certainly a destination. They're professionals. If I was going to purchase over the net, Wildwood was where I was headed. But I found what I wanted thru my local salesman. We talked about it two weeks in advance and I left without making a commitment but when I returned we set the deal in motion. Felt like I was making good on my word to him. It is nice to hear what an 'In Person' experience is like at Wildwood. Enjoy your guitar. Love to see pictures and sound clips anytime. Congrats.
  6. I am pleased the person reached out to us, a forum of Gibson fans can only be of great use and support. And Memphis is actually quite new with a mere 159 entries as of today. We are here for you. Great job guys.
  7. Everyone has their own style. I respect your determination to get a low price. I expect to pay retail and do. This gives full commission to my salesman, that's how he pays his bills and dates his girlfriend. Plus it reflects on his sales charts, when management looks down the list and sees that he sold a 3699 guitar he gets credit for being someone who can toe the line. I went back for another 1399 guitar, same guy, wanted no discounts. I wanted him to have the full credit, and any income from the sale. A month later I received my discount by way of a gift card at 5 or 10% of my purch
  8. Yes, still shocking them with George Lynch tween all that rockabilly bwang twanging.
  9. One of the random flicks my girl puts on after dinner was 'The Giver'. Great movie. Relevant because generations pass, and info is either lost or given down to the next. Onerepublic does a closing #, in my opinion representing new music and so I searched them out and whistled their tune the whole day Friday. The industry is well aware of the artist, Onerepublic and their musical endeavors but whether there is a hit that is catchy enough for the next gen to look back upon remains to be seen. Another one of her 'random flicks' closed out with Alanis Morrisette and believe it or not, enough time
  10. I agree, my satisfaction led from a Gibson Les Paul Traditional to the ES-335 Lemonburst and then on to the Explorer 120. My playing style changes with each, I must be emulating... after the 335 I wanted more metal head so the Explorer came into the picture. Beware, for when you gaze into the Gibson, the Gibson also gazes into you.
  11. He is right that the record company doesn't pay for a years studio time in an English countryside, where musicians can trip out, and put out masterpiece anthems, big enough to endure 50 years of scrutiny. Nowadays without that investment, we do it ourselves, in our own homes, at our leisure, tripping when possible. Plenty of mistakes are kept in my recordings. But I am all about spontaneous music, notes jotted down could be refined to perfection, but aren't. Retro. In relevance, we went back to 1968, 1959 with almost all of our equipment. The recordings are done using digital interface
  12. Hayden, this is exactly the video I used to convince the Mrs that an Explorer is an artists instrument. There's no heavy metal about it. Should be here Tuesday.
  13. This guitar was 'made for you'! I am totally into the banner guitars, and although it has taken 2 years I finally ordered my Ebony Explorer 120 today! First I had to get a very special LP Trad Ocean Blue and then fell for the Lemon Burst ES-335 (which really took the wind out of my sails) but thankfully the demand on the Ebony Explorer 120 was low enough, I found a NIB one for sale, discounted since June. Since the pickups are $200ea, I cannot complain about a single thing, the price is damn near Gov Series. I haven't seen it yet, but if its anything like the other 2014's, other Banner Year pr
  14. Get well soon Sparquelito. I find my most original material happens in the first 60 seconds of playing that day. Its a good idea to record it, sample it. Time signatures are out the window, I play odd modes that never resolve on 1. As far as fluidity and scales and flow, of course this comes later in the day. I would rather not force this occurance with 'practice' anymore. It just wears out the welcome mat. If I'm going to push the speed limit, I will force the upbeat pace along with an up tempo drum beat, and some triplicated pentatonics leading into natural diatonic scales... it
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