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  1. While browsing a popular auction site I noticed a number of these stamped Jimmy Page books. Page stamped only a total of 200 copies each in California & New York. Prices for these stamped copies range from $100.00-$700.00 on that site. Page states that the stamping is unique as opposed to signing copies. The book looks great and has a lot of positive reviews and I will get one but it will be a non stamped copy from B&N for around $40.00. Whats your take on this.
  2. I would like to add my new 2014 LP Studio Pro.
  3. Damage on Squire Mike Dirnt Bass neck. Minor but still noticeable.
  4. Springfield Civic Center Springfield, MA. in the 1980s. He played his heart out. Best concert I ever went to.
  5. Thank you all so very much. I was like a kid on Xmas morning when I opened the box.
  6. Thanks jaygl I could have gotten a more expensive model one but this one seemed to call to me.
  7. Saw him preform in Springfield MA. years ago. Best show I have ever went to. The man played his heart out!
  8. Stand By Me, One of the best songs of my generation. RIP Mr. King.
  9. She arrived today from Wildwood Guitars. I am very happy with it and Wildwoods great customer service.
  10. I will post some picks of the neck & the stand by this weekend.
  11. A while ago I bought one of those cheap guitar stands. Little did I know that if you leave a guitar on it for any length of time the rubber part that you place the neck on will eat through the finish on the neck. I have no idea why this happened but lucky that it was a Squire Mike Dirnt P Bass and not one of my American Made Strats or Gibsons. You can still use it if you have one but put something like t shirt material over the rubber.
  12. Thank you all for contributing to this post. There are a lot of good ideas and statements made on this While in a local Barnes & Noble bookstore I bought a magazine called Vintage Guitar Magazine and noticed a lot of places buying vintage guitars like Chicago Music Exchange, Retro Fret, Guitar Broker. Since I played Bass for a while my 4001 Rickenbacker Bass in jetglo gets the least play time. While not a vintage at $1.700.00 it took me a while to save for it and with my luck I would drop it or scratch it. Lol.
  13. I like The Temperance Movement, and it seems the crowd does also. Sounds like there is some Skynard & ZZ Top influence there.I grew up during the British invasion of the 60s and look how many great Musicians and bands came out of that era.
  14. I wonder if there are those out there who collect guitars and do not play them or have no desire to learn to play. I am not talking about those investors who buy vintage axes and flip them for a huge profit. I guess I would consider myself as sort of a collector having 4 Basses which includes my 4001 Rickenbacker Bass in Jetglo and 3 Stratocasters and a soon to be Les Paul Studio Pro. But I play each and every one of them. I can see those who collect for the beauty and historic ties to guitars but my opinion is that their main purpose is to be played & enjoyed. Not knocking the collectors if they like to just display them but I just could not do that.
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