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  1. Hi can anyone suggest where I could buy a set of backing tracks featuring the drums, to play along with guitar, I am looking for a quality drum sound, to use at home with my practice amp. Cd preferable, but will also consider MP3 Tracks. Thanking you in anticipation.
  2. The amp is for home use only, I currently use a Blackstar HT1R just wondered if anyone thought I could improve on what I have.
  3. Thank you, will investigate further.
  4. Thank you for your response, I have not looked at the Yamaha range of amps, and do tend to favour a tube amp, but will check them out on your recommendation.
  5. Hi, just wondered if there are any events in the UK which cater for enthusiasts of Gibson guitars, I recently attended the North West Guitar show at Haydock park race course, a brilliant event for guitar fans in general, are there any clubs, meetings, events, etc. that celebrate the Gibson brand in the UK.
  6. hi, OK so I have learnt the minor pentatonic scale, and the extended sliding pentatonic starting on the Low G string and ending on the high E string, now I need ideas to create licks and runs using the scales, this is where I seem to struggle to create correct phrasing, the aim is to improvise along with blues rock backing tracks, thanks in anticipation of your response.
  7. Hi, recommendations please for a quality Delay pedal, there is so much choice it's bewildering, are they all pretty much the same, or is there a clear standout pedal? Thanks in anticipation of your replies.
  8. Hi Garret, good to hear, thank you.
  9. Hi, I currently use a Blackstar HT1R tube amp for home use, are there any other small tube amps that are suitable to play at low volumes, or do I already own the best solution? Thank you.
  10. Whilst at the Great British guitar Show last year, I saw a display of Heistercamp straps, hand made leather straps, very impressive looking, if a little expensive, does anyone use these straps? or is there a particular Gibson leather strap you would recommend? Thank you.
  11. Hi, is the detachable scratchplate available to buy? and does it fit the 2015 Gibson Studio Les Paul? Thank you.
  12. Hi, I am new to the world of guitars, but play other instruments, I have just bought a Les Paul Studio 2015 and I am looking forward to learning guitar, my main interest is blues rock, and boogie. I am currently concentrating on pentatonic scales and chord progressions, although I do find myself wandering all over trying various things I see online and on DVD's is there anything wrong with...

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